Maximum Motorsports Racing Power Steering Kits 79-95 Mustangs


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Apr 8, 2002
StangSuspension is proud to carry Maximum Motorsport's new Racing Power Steering Kits.


Improve steering feel with MM's new Racing Power Steering Pump Kit. A common complaint in high performance driving is a difficulty in accurately placing the car on the track due to the over-assisted stock power steering system. The high assist level of the stock system makes the steering feel extremely light, and reduces the usable feedback to the driver. This light feel causes the driver to turn the steering wheel much more than intended, which leads to a lack of driving smoothness.

This MM kit greatly improves the steering feel by reducing the amount of power assist. Steering effort is increased just enough to provide good feedback to the driver. The MM kit optimizes the pump's output pressure without reducing the output volume. Home-brewed efforts to improve steering feel by using larger pulleys or restrictor orifices can cause a sudden loss of steering assist during rapid movements of the steering wheel, a potentially dangerous situation. Because the MM pump maintains the proper output volume, the level of power assist remains constant, regardless of how rapidly the steering wheel is turned.

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