Maximum Motorsports Tubular K, Coilovers, Bilsteins, LCA's, etc

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  1. All of this is off of a 92 Notch rolling chassis I got in a trade. My friend bought ALL OF THIS NEW a few years ago, put it on the car, and only put 4000 miles on it. The car sat out in the yard with no hood on it (cutting grass, rain causing dirt to to fly up etc), and was painted at some point as well, so even though these items have pretty low miles, they have cosmetic wear from being installed, sitting, minor overspray from when car was painted, and cosmetic wear from being removed. Also, bushings and stuff have been greased, then were installed on the car, so things dont look as pretty as they do out of the box.

    I had a member message me when I had the whole rolling chassis for sale wanting the suspension, but didnt want the k member, so I removed the a arms, one came off easily, one didnt, and got bound up pretty bad, not sure how, but it tore a small portion of one of the bushings, doubt it will cause much of a problem. It sucks because this member then decided not to buy the items, so basically this could have been avoided in the first place, I should have left that whole setup together.

    With that said, here we go

    79-95 Maximum Motorsports Tubular K Member SOLD!
    79-04 MM Adjustable Solid Steering Rack Bushings SOLD!
    Maximum Motorsports Caster & Camber Plates SOLD!

    79-93 MM Foward Offset Tubular A Arms (read about bushing above, also one of the ball joint threads is a little boogered up, but will probably clean up)
    79-93 MM Sway Bar Relocation Kit (needed with offset A Arms)
    $285 SHIPPED for a arms and sway bar relocation kit

    79-98 Maximum Motorsports Heavy Duty LCA's with poly bushings on one side, and solids on the other, they have no spring perch and are designed to be used with coil overs, they do have sway bar tabs though. $175 SHIPPED

    79-04 Maximum Motorsports Front Coil Over Kit SOLD!

    Bilsteins SOLD!

    Maximum Motorsports Rear Coil Over Kit SOLD!

    Maximum Motorsports Polyurethane Front Sway Bar End Links & Bushings. These should be the endlinks for a lowered 79-93, and the bushings fit a fox V8 sway bar. $28 SHIPPED

    My camera made some of these pics look bad because of the shade outside.

    View attachment 163677
    View attachment 163678
    View attachment 163680
    View attachment 163682
  2. Would you sell the front coilover setup without the rear setup?
  3. Just sold the fronts earlier
  4. how much for the camber plates?
  5. ttttttttttttt
  6. hi Im super interested in the control arms and camber plates are they available?
  7. All I have are the a arms and sway bar endlinks
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