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  1. I am switching it up, getting rid of one of those money pit things called a foxbody... After owning only fox bodies, I decided to lean away from them.

    Now I'm going for a 96-98 cobra.

    I have a lead on one, 1997 black on black cobra. Two owner car, the guy who owns it bought it off the original owner about a year ago, and said if the price is right he may part with it. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Car is 99% stock (has k&n air filter) has 66k original miles, the original owner was about 50, and the current owner is about 35. Car still has mudflaps lol. Garaged its entire life.

    My question is, how solid are these exactly? What are common problems? I read that 96's had overheating issues. I'm just trying to get more info before the purchase is finalized.

    What is a good price for this (ballpark estimate)

    The only mods I plan on doing, is full exhaust, intake, and a custom dyno tune.

    Also post some exhaust clips from a 96-98 cobra if ya could please


  2. My 96 GT overheated on very hot days...AC on or not. Once I swapped the rad fan the cooling issues disappeared. Apparently the original fan design was suspect. I picked up a new fan from Carquest when the old one broke and it had a different blade design. Solved the problem. Not sure if the 97 had the same issues.

    There was an erroneous HP issues with those Cobras. Ford rated them higher than they actually were. Caused some hard feelings for those original buyers but they remedied it by giving them some money back. Of all the body styles out there I like those best. I loved my 96 and, while the 03 I have now is badass looking due to it being a Saleen , I'd been really searching hard for a 94-98 Cobra when I ran across my car.
  3. Those cars put down around 260rwhp so doing the math and deducting 15% loss through drivetrain 305 is exactly what it should have been rated at. You are thinking of the 99 cobras.
  4. Try to verify the claims of 99% stock and garaged all its life if possible.
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  6. Let's see the engine bay and the interior.
  7. Appears to be bone stock down to the ride height and wheels. Post up some more pictures and we can help give you some more insight into it :)
  8. that car looks mint!
  9. Looks great! I would say around 8-9k would be a solid price for the car. I have a buddy with a supercharged mystic and he's having a tough time trying to get 9k for his right now.

    The one thing that really sticks out to me is that the sticker on the motor is ledgible and looks nearly brand new. On these cars it's just a sticker and not a plate like the later Cobras were. Just something I noticed along with the great condition of the seats.

    What are they asking for it if I may ask?
  10. Don't have any insight for you, but that car is freaking clean! I doubt I would hesitate if its what I was looking for and if it ran properly.
  11. Well it wasn't even for sale, but I posted in a forum on a wanting to buy, and I got a message saying "Hey bro. I have a 1997 black cobra, completely stock, with just under 70K. I'd consider selling it. Sorry for the message. I don't have enough posts to post in the classifieds. Hit me up if you have an interest."

    He told me the man that owned it before appeared to be 50, the car is a Colorado car, and appears to have always been garaged, I have my mind set on this cobra!! And the price he gave me is around 9... And if it as clean as it looks, and runs like a brand new car, I will not lowball him. I just have to find time in my rotating schedule to go look at it and hopefully bring it home and throw it in the garage (Utah weather). I have my fingers crossed on getting this car.
  12. Car is worth 12-14k. Very nice it will only increase in price if kept clean stock and low miles. If you plan to mod it and tear it up please do not buy it.
  13. Nice car, I want a jelly bean kewbra now!
  14. For the 9K I would snag that car. He's getting a good price for it IMO and you are getting exactly what you want as well. Oh and do what you want with the car, if you want to drive it as is then by all means go for it. I know I personally cannot leave a car stock and I must add a few subtle changes and that's what I am drawn towards. Post up some great pictures when you pick it up!
  15. That's a very low mileage, but you might want to consider if the car sat for long periods of time without being driven. That can easily be more damaging than racing the car. Seals dry up, gas goes stale, grease settles away from critical bearings ect ect. You may find once you start driving the car that the wheel bearings/seals go bad, the AC system developes leaks, and the engine/tranny develops leaks. Just wanna warn you... maybe that's why the 2nd owner wants to unload the car so soon after coming into it.
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  16. Beautiful car. Snag it up.

    Bhuff has a good point, but man if it drives great and its clean underneath I wouldn't hesitate. Those cobras in that kind of condition are becoming extremely few and far between.
  17. buy it.

    as far as exhaust goes.....borla stingers & o/r x pipe sounds sick on a 4 valve.
  18. or maybe an o/r x paired with a mac catback ?

  19. Ill be going on Saturday to look at it, if its as nice as the picture I will pick it up in early-mid march, we are still getting heavy snowfall so I want to wait.