May have found the one...

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  1. Any updates on the search?
  2. The search is still on, I have found a local 96 cobra that has 74k miles, black/black, and I am in love with it. I drove it and loved everything about it. I am going to called the dealership tomorrow to try and work a deal.

    Will keep updated.

  3. Nice looking car. I would roll that in a heartbeat.
  4. Still on the hunt...

    The 97 I posted pictures is out due to the owner trying to make a pushy sale... He still has it though.

    Found a 96 black/black on bullets with 74k miles local, clean interior, paint didn't look the best. Trim wasn't good, had water in trunk, threw a misfire code.

    My eyes is on a 96 right now with tasteful grandpa mods. Has had 9k miles put on it in the 7 years it has been in Utah. Always garaged, Florida car, is black with two tone black/tan interior. 84k original miles.

    It has my eyes on it, two weeks I will see if I get it or not..

    I will keep this updated.

    I am just being anal about finding a cobra.
  5. Well after searching for 4 months... I FINALLY brought one home.. Will post pictures and info soon.. Just rolled 68K miles on the drive home....
  6. I can't help it, but here is a teaser.. On friday evening Next to my buddies 2013 Shelby at cars n coffee down south... This was about an hour after I handed over the flo...
    This imAge does not do paint justice!!! He didn't even wash it when I picked it up, but you can see yourself like a mirripr! It had been babied, it needed new tires, all 4 were EVENLY WORN, no rubber in the wheel wells. I ended up doing a 50 mile cruise south Saturday morning expecting to pick up a complete set, but I got there and the tire shop couldn't find them... So I ended up getting two different pairs(pissed me off) for the time being till I can order some machined/satin 03 cobras and tires (out of stock at LMR)... Overall I would give this car a 9/10... There is only two imperfections on it which I will post when I get time. They are nothing major. This car drives like its brand new, except for a damn squeak! (Will post about it later). The guy I bought it off worked on base, and was a full time student studying microbiology.. He only sold it so he could pay off student loans.

    The interior got to me big time, I went on a little cruise tonight with a old friend, and he told me "I feel like I'm riding in a Cadillac in these seats). The seats are just IMMACULATE, also so comfortable), back seats look brand new.

    I am extremely happy with what I got.. If it wasn't for one of my wonderful lady friends, I would have walked away from it (gotta love women). I have never seen a sn-95 this clean in the state with such low miles.

    I think I'm done with pushrods!!! I love the top end in these cars, it definitely needs some seafoam. I am in love with modulars. (Especially after riding in a BONE STOCK 2013 gt500... Probably the fastest car I have been in).

    I will post a new thread with highly detailed information.

    That's all the information you guys are getting for now... I will wait till I get pictures up to post all the info... (Be prepared to have your mind blown when you see what it came with).



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