Maybe see one soon.........?

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  1. Last week I bought an '04 Explorer XLT. Love it, really nice truck.

    Before I left with it I got them to throw in one of thier die-cast 1:18 '05 Mustang Concept promo's. When they gave it to me, the salesman told me they were expecting to get one of the new Mustangs in within a month.

    This is at Waldorf Ford, in Waldorf, MD. I used to work for them years ago as a porter during high school, and have always noticed they seem to get the new stuff sooner than most dealers. I remember when the '93 Cobra's came out seeing 3 of them plus an R model rolling off an enclosed trailer, and this was VERY soon after they were announced. Same for the '93 Lightenings, '96 Cobra's (Mystic or otherwise), and '03 Cobra's.

    Will they actually get one that soon? Maybe, if they do I will definately get pics and put them up here! :nice:

    The more I see of the actual production cars the more I want one. :D
  2. Find out for me WHEN this dealership in your area ordered the new Mustang. I would like to know if that particular Ford dealer in your area actually put in an order for the new Mustang. This is the first time that I have heard that any Ford dealership is going to have the new Mustang on their lot this early. I thought that the production for the 2004 Mustang stops in March of 2004. What information do people in here have about this story?
  3. Went to a couple of dealers today and was told spring of 2005 for the new car. Whether its true or not?:shrug:
  4. Ya, I bet by early 05 is when the dealers will actually hold them on there lots, there going to be back-ordered for a good 6 months probaly... just like the PT cruiser, when they came out.
  5. Skywarp,

    That does NOT sound right. Most Ford dealers from what I have heard are going to start carrying the new 2005 Mustangs in stock by springtime of 2004. The 2005 spring date which your Ford dealer told you is wrong. It seems that many Ford dealers don't know anything about the 2005 Mustang Job 1 date. At the worst scenario the 2005 Mustangs should be selling in Ford dealerships by summertime of 2004.
  6. I agree with Ron. I may not be as informed as some here, but EVERYTHING I have read/ heard points to a spring '04 release date.

    I would expect my local dealer to have one around March, judging by their track record on these matters, despite what the salesman told me. I have to go into the dealer to take care of somethign with my new Explorer Monday. I'll ask exactly when they think they'll get one.
  7. There has been a lot of conflicting information. Some of it could be intentional by Ford to keep their competition & us guessing. Here are some of the tidbits I've seen:

    Fact - The '04 Mustang stops production in April when Dearborn assembly is shut down for major refurbishing.

    Rumor - The 4.6L, 3 valve engine goes into production in May.

    Fact - Ford's fleet web site lists Job 1 for the 2005 Mustang as September 2004.

    Unsubstantiated Claim - On BON a Visteon line worker claims to have already seen 2005 Mustang instrument panels being made in the plant he works in.

    Introduction of the production car on Jan 4 is way to early for a car that doesn't have a Job 1 date until Sept.

    My best guess is that Ford will let their dealers start accepting orders for the 2005 Mustang in April, on the 40th anniversary or the original's introduction, but first deliveries won't be until at least June - July.