Maybe selling my 69... how much?

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  1. I'm considering selling my 69 in the interests of getting another classic with better body and possibly an 8, and so I'm trying to figure out the budgeting. I'm curious how much you guys (and ladies) think I could get for my 69. I don't have pics, but I'll spell it out as best I can.

    1969 Coupe, 148000 miles, 200 cid I6 w some degree of smoke, but not bad (also small front main seal leak). 3spd manual (1970) (1st gear synchronizer doesn't work), clutch is less than 6 months old, starter is less than 3 months, carb rebuilt approx 8 months ago, Pertronix flamethrower coil and ignitor ignition installed. New cap, rotor, wires, Bosch Platinum plugs. New tires in July. Brakes in great shape, new cylinders on the front (drums need to be turned though). Springtime Yellow (or whatever they called it in 69). Damage to rear pass. side qtr, damage to rear valence (would need replacement), pass side door dented up. Needs pass side window hardware (though glass is fine and rolled up, it can't roll down). Black interior in remarkably nice shape, dash has a few cracks, but nothing too rough. drivers seat upholstery is kinda coming apart (just the usual, in that regard) and one of the pins that holds the seatback up is broken. would just need a bit of a weld.

    True, she needs a LOT of work, but she is an UTTERLY dependable daily driver. She's only stranded me once in almost two years, and that was due to my own stupidity/inexperience in repair.

    Can somebody give me a ballpark figure?

    (sorry for the long post, and sorry for bringing up yet ANOTHER "how much?" ad)

    incidentally, outside of local ads and Collectorcartrader and Ebaymotors, what are some good sites for looking for classics for sale?

    I'm looking in the 3000 range, I'm content with a 6 (it's daily driven), any classic year. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  2. depending on the extent of the damage, its worth could vary wildly. did it all come from 1 accident? how about rust?

    guessing that the damage is moderate, it's a 6 cylinder, drum brakes, and yellow (not the most popular color) i would ballpark it at 500-1500$

    i wouldn't buy one from ebay unless it was close enough to look at a couple times.
  3. "not the most popular color"? no kidding... :p

    The damage is from two seperate accidents. the rar qtr stuff is kinda bad ( I know telling degree is next to impossible without pics, but I don't have camera access right now), the PO tailslid it into a telephone pole. The wheelwell is fine, but the upper part is pretty busted up. just looks like it's one huge dent, from about halfway up from the wheelwell to the top of the panel.

    The valence thing is from when I was rearended about a month ago.

    I realize it's not a very popular seller, I'm just trying to take a step up to a better one, if I can.
  4. 2k - 4k is my uneducated guess
    really would have to see pics/inspect the car
  5. I might be interested, if there were pics i could look at, or maybe drive over there myself to look at it. I'm over on the east side of washington, but i travel over to the west often. Maybe we could meet sometime? :shrug:
  6. 69stang351: I'd be glad to, but it won't be until summer, if that makes a difference. I've gotta have a daily driver to get to school and back until the end of spring quarter. After that, I'm gonna try to sell mine and pick up a new one (well, an OLD one... but you know what I mean...)

    Course, just cuz I'm not selling it yet doesn't mean you couldn't look at it. If you're gonna be in the kirkland area sometime, email me at [email protected].


    I'll try to beg/borrow/steal a digital camera from somebody as soon as I can, I'll either post them or PM them to you.

    Thanks for all the help so far guys, keep 'em comin!
  7. try NADA .

    Post some pics. I would be interested.
  8. If it was a fastback I would be driving to your house to give you a deposit!
  9. if it was a fastback, I wouldn't be selling it!!! :p
  10. I am also selling my 69 convert

    I am new here and hae to sell my 69 mustang also. I am moving out of the country and can't take it with me.
  11. where are you going?
  12. Thanks man! :nice: If I mosie on over to that end of the state I will definetly love to come and see it! I will email you before I head over there so we can set up a time/place and maybe my '69 will be road worthy by that time [not much to do to it] :banana:
  13. 1500-2500$ Going just by what you have said in your post. Once again its a personal estimate.