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  1. :(
    Im in the UK, and have decided to buy a Mustang after being in Vegas for 3 weeks, its like Mustang city over there :lol:
    I really want a car with the new shape around 05, but today saw a lovely 03 have a look

    now this has only done 22thousand miles and is just what i want, Auto, Roadster.
    the new shape really gets me
    Is a V8 so much better then a V6? have been told the V6 does not hold its value?
    Is a GT much better value then just a standard Mustang?
    Also saw this one, this is a 09 and looks stunning but is a load more dosh, and what sort of mileage will i get out of these cars? Have to admit at the moment i have a Crossfire, so if the mileage is better then that will be very happy, i get around 25mpg on the Crossfire
    this is the 09 one

    Any advice will be great, as im getting told all sorts by the sales people.
    Also are parts cheap? for mine its all German Merc parts cost a bloody fortune
    Hoping to hear from people very soon.
  2. GT's do hold their value better. If you get a V6, not only will you regret the loosing value part, you will also regret not having the nice sound of a GT and the extra power of a GT. If you can manage affording a GT, then do it. :)

    Only the newer 2011+ 3.7l v6 has a decent argument to mount up against buying a GT (decent power, better mpgs, lower cost).

    I don't know anything about parts in the UK, so can't comment on that.

    I'm thinking 22mpgs, more or less depending on driving, is what you can expect from either of those cars you linked.

    Just my 2 cents.