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  1. or 4 things off the dollar menu at wendy's :nice:
  2. or 5 things off the 89 cent menu at taco bell :)
  3. LOL Now you need to keep your avatar like that so everyone can get a good laugh at any time.
  4. how do you edit it to make it say different things?
  5. Only the mods can do it.
  6. Wow, maybe you should have my license plate ;)
  7. Sorry I have to laugh at this one. :rlaugh: You are never going to live this one down.
  8. did your grandma also bought you a 2000 Cobra R!?!?
  9. that was a different guy
  10. LMAO
  11. hahahahaha its funny because its topical
    (yes ted that WAS the joke)
    this thread shuld be :lock:
  12. so the mods changed it for him, to make fun of him, or did he ask? lol
  13. :lol: lmfao
  14. HAHAHA, great CT
  15. OMG this is intersting LMAO
  16. Nice avatar. :nice:
  17. And this is why we need not eat at McBarfalots! It rots your mind out so that even simple math is out of the queston.

    To funny! :rlaugh: