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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Knox, KY
Guys, I just thought I'd point out that McLeod's about to offer a 15% discount starting next Monday or tuesday. This is convenient for me, because I'm eventually going to put a twin-disk in the blue car. I'm not the biggest fan of the company for other reasons, but the Original Street Twin definitely performs well. So, I called up Lethal Performance and spoke to Chris Brooks there, who gave me the rate McLeod quoted as the best from a distributor ($1,174), and then he took 15% off of that. Out of the door, I got it for just less than $1k. I know this is an expensive clutch not everyone is going to jump on, but this price is $200 less than I paid for the last one. I'm sure other dealers will have it, too, but in case any of you are thinking about getting a badass clutch in the near future, now might be the best deal that you're likely to see. Part number for the 157 tooth "Original Street Twin" with an aluminum flywheel to ease the shock on a transmission is 6330107. I know it sounds like I'm pitching a product, but I'm not getting anything for this... I just think it's a smoking deal and wanted to share.
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