McLeod Racing RST Twin Disc Clutch.

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  1. The RST Street Twin Clutch Assembly is the economical solution to high horsepower street engines. The RST can handle up to 800hp while still maintaining a stock pedal effort. Since this assembly adapts to most applications there is no need to purchase a new flywheel, which considerably lowers the overall cost of the unit.

    Kit includes: Pressure Plate, Two Organic Discs, Floater Plate, Flywheel Adaption Plate and Alignment Tool.

    • Low rotating mass (moment of inertia) for quicker RPM
    • Double Disc Ground Floaters with straps for quiet operation.
    • Organic Facing for Smooth Operation.
    • Includes Billet CNC machined, Anodized Aluminum Flywheel Adapter Ring.
    • Lighter than Stock Pedal Feel
    • Bolts to Factory Flywheel with 6.250” I.D.
    • Premium ARP Hardware Included.

    McLeodTV : How to Install a RST or RXT Twin Disc.
  2. Is this the McCleod kit that you would recommend for a mostly street driven Fox making roughly 600 ft/lbs @ 2500 rpm or is there another that I should be looking at from your line as well?
  3. Honestly with that kind of torque down low I would suggest the next unit up the RXT twin disc for your application. Make sure to watch our new how to video listed at the bottom of the our original post.
  4. Sweet. thanks for the response. I can't see the video here at work, but I'll check it out at the house. I was able to see the .PDF file you have on the website though.