Exhaust Mdmonster New Headers!

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  1. Finally got my headers from Accufab. George built me a Sweet set that are 1 3/4" stepped to 1 7/8" to work with my Windsor (427), Avenger Heads (stock port locations), Mcloed Bell-Housing and the QA1 K-Member. I was told that they will clear everything and Not hang down too low. Once we test fir them, we will be sending them to get Jet Hot Coated. Here they are:

  2. looks great
  3. Thanks!
  4. no problem, hey i notice your from maryland what part? if its ok I ask and you used to be on racersden didnt you?
  5. thought so
  6. Wow. Those big boys are nice! Hopefully they clear everything okay for you.
  7. You could also try Maryland performance coatings in Eldersburg Maryland.

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  8. My car is at my friend's place in Denver,PA having the Chassis Wiring project done and some other work.
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  10. I gotta ask....how much did those set you back? They look really nice.
  11. $ 639.99
  12. My friend Lou (aka: shifter) from PA just sent me pics of the new aluminum exhaust he built for me. It is a 3" dia. with Vibrant mufflers. He did me the favor not to weld the front pipes so they could be fitted on the car. Here are the pics he sent to me:

  13. looks great man!!!!

    and damn i aint heard about racers den in awhile. i actually saw bobby-Black nasty saturday at MIR
  14. Do you think the Den will be back anytime soon?
  15. they have a facebook page and guys might post once every 2 months or so...

    so my guess is no.