Roush Me, a rented Z06 and Las Vegas (Saleen content)

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sy1172, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. This past weekend I was in Las Vegas with my fiance for the first time (awesome, but that's not the point) and I rented a 2004 Z06. All I gotta say is damn, that's one very sweet car. The thing just pulls and pulls and pulls. I have an 04 SC281SC with minor mods and I gotta say that the ZO6 would rather easily take question really. The Z06 is as quiet and composed as my 00' Audi S4 and gets far better mileage than most any other car I have ever owned (~30mpg highway). The Saleen is certainly more rare, has more character (that is debatable), sounds far better (Z06 tone is a bit dissapointing) and the handling is incredible (much like my S4). All in all, the Z06 is an incredible car and a real value for the money. This will certainly be my next fun car...but I'm keeping the Saleen (got a place in my heart :) )

    I don't want this to come across as if i am bashing Saleen, although Ford's got a lot to learn yet. Fit and finish is not a strong suit of Ford/Saleen and the asking price (MSRP) is somewhat insulting. I love my Saleen but there are some nice(r) things out there......

    Anyone else care to comment on their experiences with a Z06?

    How have you guys set up your cars to beat them?

  2. Just wait until you get a chance to drive a C6 ZO6. It makes the C5 car (you drove) feel like it's dropped a couple of cylinders.
  3. Oh yeah, the SEMA show was incredible!!! What a week, I can't begin to count the insane cars in Vegas, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotus, Saleens, Maybachs, Porsches, etc..... I saw a H2 with 28" wheels......UGLY.
  4. I love SEMA. The only problem is you can spend 3 entire days from open to close and still not see everything. Great event. Glad you had a great time. Hope you didn't lose any dough at the tables.
  5. I had some fun with a modified Z06 on the 15 coming back from Vegas one time. Man that car was fast. He was easily keeping up with me and leaving me when he wanted to. The new one though is just amazing. Ferrari performance for about a 3rd the price. :nice:
  6. I was a passenger in a Z06 about a year ago at an open track event as Sears Point Raceway and man that can kept pulling, we passed a 00 Cobra R on the outside of turn 11 which is the hairpin, and we also out broke it prior to that. I was very disappointed because lets face it all of us here are Ford guys but wow I was impressed. It was pretty funny though when we couldn't pass an R32 Golf with mods, I'm not sure what those. The driver pulled the Z06 to almost 8k and coming out of turn 11 in I believe 2nd and we couldn't catch it, the Z06 has exhaust and intake and I believed it was chipped, so that was saying somthing about that R32. Anyways there's my two cents on the Z06 a nice ride for the money but still I would rather own a charged cobra or somthing. Not to mention I've killing supercharged C5 Z06's in my saleen like it's going out of style but still a nice ride for the money..
  7. well i was going to point you towards a black immaculate supercharged Z06 that i found for sale...but it appears to have sold.:(

    i can give you the business if you're interested....
  8. Haha, lost my A$# at Black Jack. I suppose it was all in fun:D

    That's an expensive town ($400 dinner for 6, without apps):nonono:
  9. I drove a blue 02 Z06 and fell in love with the car. Great acceleration, braking, and handling out of the box bone stock. You can buy them all day long with low miles for high $20k's to low $30k;s which is a ton of value for the money.

    I am waiting to find the right Speedway white 01 Z06 :)
  10. The next visit my wife & I pay to Vegas, we plan on renting a Ferrari for a day just so I can say I've driven one in my lifetime. Not that I'd ever want to own one, let alone be able to afford one, but I just want to experience it. And no poseur cruising the Strip either. We'll be taking it outside the city limits to really wring it out on those two lane desert mountain roads.

    As for the Z06, I personally don't understand the hype. It's still a plastic Chebbie, it still uses a pushrod engine, it still uses a transverse leaf spring suspension & it still looks like every other Vette that came before it. Chevrolet stubbornly refuses to truly create a world class sports car despite having the technology in-house to do so. If the Vette based Cadillac XLR can use a modern, multiple valve OHC engine (Northstar), why not the Vette itself? If other GM vehicles can use multiple link, independent suspensions, why not the Vette? If other GM vehicles can have unique styling instead of boring, derivative styling, why not the flagship Vette?
    The upcoming Z06 is no exception. Yes, it has great performance numbers that some may consider it to be "world class", but there is more to that moniker than simply the numbers. It's about desirability, exclusivity, racing heritage & other intangibles.
    The Corvette is simply lacking in various categories for it to be perceived internationally as the equal of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. despite its alleged price advantage.
    $75,000 for a new Z06?
    No thanks.
  11. preach on SVT i am with you
  12. can you rent S7:rolleyes:
  13. Het SVT, never driven a Z06 huh? Drive one and then report back. I agree the car isn't as up-to-date as might be desired but it's a performer and cheap. I'd buy a new Z06 in a heartbeat if I could afford a $70K+ fun car.

    Think about hte money savings!!!

    A friend of mine debated between a Ferrari 355 and a Z06 and opted to buy the Ferrari....why, because he lives in Italy. He tells me all the time what a POS it is and how expensive everything is to fix or replace.
  14. Why does a car have to have a OHC engine to be modern? The pushrod engines in the 06 ZO6 are better the the OHC engines in the Caddy's. They make more power,more torque all at lower rpm's, and cost a lot less to produce. They dont need to be supercharged like the Caddy's plus there smaller a lighter and get better fuel economy. The LS7 is more "modern" then most DOHC engines out there. If it aint broke, dont fix it.
  15. all chevys are broke:rlaugh:
  16. great input:nice:
  17. SVT, even with all these "negatives" the Z06 may have, it is still worlds better then the Mustang. I love the look of Saleens more, but if you were to be given your choice of a S281 or a Z06, I would still pick the Z06.

    Could the Z06 be better? Sure it could. But so can a Mustang priced over $40k
  18. It's exactly that attitude that exemplifies the thinking internally @ GM & why they continue to lose market share year after year.
    Oldsmobile is dead. Buick & Pontiac are being considered for extermination.
    There appears to be a trend here somewhere...
  19. Actually I have driven a non-Z06 Corvette. I was decidedly underwhelmed. The Z06 may be faster, but it's still the same basic vehicle. A standard Vette is in the $50K plus range. If I wasn't willing to spend that much for a then-new S351R in 1997-98, I certainly wouldn't be disposed to spending a similar amount for a vehicle that failed to impress me.

    No doubt a Ferrari is expensive to maintain & repair. But someone who can afford one likely doesn't consider the ownership costs in their purchase decision.
  20. I'm with SVT all the way on this one, I don't see the big deal, but on the flipside Ferrari's are nice but they aren't that fast. I drove a 360 spider and I wasn't very impressed my saleen pulls a lot harder in all the RPM's, but there is one this forsure you can't beat that ferrari sound, there aint nothin like it. I haven't been able to drive the 575 yet but I do want to so then ferrari can re establish its want and need with me..