Roush Me, a rented Z06 and Las Vegas (Saleen content)

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sy1172, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. The Corvette & the Mustang are not comparable because they are completely different vehicle types & demographic markets, same as comparing the Viper & Mustang.

    For whatever reason(s), FoMoCo has steadfastly avoided producing a direct competitor to the Corvette. The original Cobra, Mangusta & Pantera were not specifically Ford vehicles as they were produced by external companies. Neither is the new GT because it is targeted at a higher economic & demographic market.
  2. We certainly can compare these 2 cars as the OP is trading one for the other. You want to talk demographics in a Saleen forum? I would think that while one is GM, the other Ford.. the same individual would consider either.

    And I think we all know that the Ford brand has been targeted at the blue collar worker with a few exceptions (Cobra R, Ford GT). They would rather sell 20 explorers to 1 Ford GT, and that is just tight purse strings. Ford is not "avoiding" the Z06, it's just not their market.
  3. Ah...the Z06 does nothing for me. Yeah, it's a nice sportscar, but to me, it lacks character. The lines are just "too smooth". That's just my opinion. Give me a 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 over a Z06 any day of the week. That car just wreaks character. :D
  4. Oooooooooooooooo. :eek:

    He hee. :D

    Driven a new C6 Z06. Oh boy. I must be in that other demographic with the old men because it's performance was insane and you all know I own a 500 rwhp S351.
    Have driven recently:

    05 Porsche GT3
    05 Carrera GT
    04 Ford GT
    05 Challenge Stradale, paddle shifts faster than Schumacher
    575 Maranello = slow
    360 Modena
    2004 Murcielago

    Let me know if anyone wants me to share my driving experience with this list of cars.

    Have yet to drive an S7. Funny thing is none of the guys I know would spend that amount of money on one. I may if it's a 2006 twin turbo even though I know that those cars are making much less than 750 hp. I didn't even have to ease drop on that one.

    It's just one guys opinion but forget about the styling, heritage, whatever. As far a cost comparison for performance the new Z06 is unmatched. If anyone has seen or driven the new 07 Shelby please speak up because it's still not a production car yet and we know how Ford likes to yank ideas, short us on tire and wheel size, blower manufacturer and so one once the car hits the street. As far as I'm concerned NO ONE can compare a car that has not been released yet so I'm sticking to my old man C6 Z06 thoughts for now. :)
  5. Like Marcus, I have nothing against the "Plastic Fantastic".

    I do prefer the "Old Lyme" Vintage models...

  6. dude, how are you driving those? you valet part time?:D
  7. Nah.

    Actually, I have never been a valet. Not even back in college. I used to work for BMW in their engineering dept. 10 years ago and that connection found me a buddy who now is head of MBZ North America emmissions. He brought home the Modena. My business partner has the GT3. Just off tracked it at Willow a few weeks back (ouch), The Carrera GT was part of a Porsche club of America event with a client (I sell homes and residential income property), another client has the Stradale, boy that car is smooth and sounds like nothing else,my new neighbor had a Murcielago and so on.
    The downside is when I hop in my speedster afterwards it feels like a Chevy Vega (4cyl). :D

    I still say the C6 Z06 is a monster.
  8. My truck would run alongside or ahead of the Z06's all day long (KB days). I wouldn't even bother with them while driving the Saleen, however. I'd rather them just think she's too fast for any Cheby product :D
  9. I know Marcus if I had the loot i would go get one today, this guys drives his C6 Z06 to the gym. Bright Yellow and after I wiped the drool off his windshield he came out and opened it up for me... Engine was a work of at.. Funny he loved my car and said he wanted to race me when I got my turbo installed..

    So trust me if that day comes, I will defiently put it on film...
  10. Damn I hate Typos
  11. No one is gonna think that, sorry:rlaugh:
  12. You never know what's under the hood :D
  13. Ok guys, here's the facts about the 06 Z06
    3125lbs+505bhp (not rwhp which is what matters)+470ftlbs(not rwhp which is what matters)+11.5sec 1/4 mile. Oh yea did i mention 70K
    Ok... with that said this car isn't all that.. yea it weighs alot less but the power isn't that high to the rear wheels probably like 425-450hp and tq. is probably only like 400-425 to the wheels, hey guys that's not alot. If you think about it a 500rwhp 500rwftlbs, with 3.55 or 3.73 Saleen will smoke the hell out of this Z06. although it's not charged and our Saleen are.. yea that could be a problem when you come across a supercharged one, but other than that...really...our cars will eat this thing alive.. especially if your a good driver and can get traction goodbye Z06.. And i'm sure that most of us are ok to good drivers.. all of our cars are fast and in my opion can beat this thing if not give it a run for it's money. Speaking of money 70k, dang I dunno about you but i'd rather take a 550hp 06 Saleen "E" for like 60-65k and with that other 5k put a KB blower on it and bam there's like 650-675rwhp and god knows how much torque. There yea go guys it's a nice car but for the money.. hey lets stick to Saleen and kill that chevy... FORD AND SALEEN ALL THE WAY
  14. i like how you think
  15. You left out the 0-60 in 3.7 seconds... on street tires.

    Here are the numbers for Car and Driver: 0-60 comes in 3.7 seconds, 0-100 occurs in 7.9 seconds, the quarter-mile disappears in 11.7 seconds with a 125 MPH trap speed, and 150 comes up in 17.9 seconds. The car pulls 0.98G on the skidpad, which is the only area where it seems to be edged out by the Dodge Viper SRT-10.

    Those are awesome numbers for a car stock from the factory, period. To each their own if you don't like the car, but those are impressive numbers.
    70k doesn't seem like to much to pay for supercar performance. :shrug:
  16. Share away!!

    Especially on the 575 comment...and the 360.

    Thoughts on the Ford GT? I notes today that R&T gave the nod to the new ferrari in their comparison.

    On the Z06. Probably the best buy going bar none. And, the A/C works....very important here in Southern Fla.. I rarely buy new cars but if zI was to buy a new car, for a toy ride, the Z06 would be the ticket. A neighbor of mine has one on order( through a friend that works in GM supply) so I look forward to a ride soon ( December delivery).

  17. Dang i thought this was a Saleen forum not a Z06 one any way not to offend any one but if most of you like them so much then sell you 2, or 3, or even some of 4, and 5 Saleens and go buy one aperently you can afford it. But me they could not pay me to take one i am Saleen fan all the way. like you guys said this is just my opion. agian no disrespect to any one.
  18. I'll just speak for myself, but I think respecting the performance of the z06 (or any other car) doesn't mean I'm not a huge fan of Saleens or Fords or that I want to go run out and sell my car, it means I love cars in general, regardless of who makes them, and showing respect where respect is due is just part of being a car nut.
  19. No need to put on blinders. When a car is better, I will admit it. Does not mean I'm hot & heavy for one, but I respect the car for what it has, not what it doesn't have.
  20. True but is it worth driving a Chevy??? I mean really the damn thing will probably break in a month...But yes those are good number but hell my car can do the same thing, a little slower in some areas but all and all I get to say that I drive a Saleen. Quarter mile my car is high 10's, 0-60 is a little bit more but when you think about it .3 sec.. really makes that huge of a different. My car will pull 1.2G on the skidpad, and I haven't done 0-150 but does a race really consist of going that fast?? usually it's about 0-100 or about 25-125. I dunno me personally Saleen all the way and get me on Sear Point with a 06 Z06 and I'm tellin you I will be at least two seconds faster.
    But like I said that's just me...:nice: :D :rolleyes: