Roush Me, a rented Z06 and Las Vegas (Saleen content)

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sy1172, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. So what do I have to do to my '00 S281SC to make the motor stronger than a Z06? :rolleyes:
  2. Sell it and buy an S351.............:p
    (If you haven't noticed, that's my answer to everything!!!!) :nice:
  3. yeah well i wanted to test the thery of what you guys said about it the Z06 getting loose at 130+mph so i bought one and was going around a slight corner at that speed and yup sure enough it got loose and well just say i wrecked it ouch. good thing it was on a video game Forza motor sports :D
  4. Just wanted to let you guys know that GM High Tech went [email protected] with a BONE STOCK '04 Z06 that made 363rwhp @5800rpm.
    Along with my '88 Saleen I have a LS1 T/A for my daily driver that I'm saving for ported LS6 heads and a LS6 intake and cam. I'm looking for Z06 power in a 4 seater.It should sound better than a Z06 with my LT headers,no cats and Borla exhaust run open.

  5. I know you wont let us down. Beside you and I have the same fox Saleen hatch except yours is 5 seconds faster to the quarter mile. :D
    The new C6 Z06 motor is a stout package that you can beat the crap out of. I finally found a motor that I feel I can compare my S351 to except the vette does not bite back and revs forever. The C5 Z06 is no slouch either.
  6. Oh yea, the '06 is definatly no joke. It could posibly be the fastest american producton car ever. I've read some rumors on some GM sites of prototypes running high 10'[email protected] on stock radials!!!!
    The only bad thing I've heard is the $80k sticker price. Thats what GM High Tech stated the price was going to be.
    If I had the money I think I'd get a earlier Z06 for half the price then get the Linginfelter 650hp Twin turbo setup which has been tested in the low 10's and tested top speed of 225mph and was as streetable as a stock 'vette.I saw the 225mph run on Car and Driver on TV.
  7. Even though It's easy to compare Vette's, Viper's, Porsche's and Mustangs - Remember they are 2 seaters - What is a Saleen - Mustangs - 4 seaters - always have been and probably always will be. If Saleen had the money of GM what would they really do?
    Remember that the Saleens shine best on The Road courses - Tried and it's true!
  8. I guess I better stop talking about vettes here. :)
  9. Does the same apply to me? ;)
  10. This is the first requirement I had with the particular car I was shopping for in the summer of '99. I was not interested in anything with 2 seats regardless of the price or level of performance.

    I wanted a car (vert) to take a relaxing drive with my wife and (2) kids in, and sticking the 3 of them in the passenger seat of a Vette, Viper, whatever other 2-seater was not an option, and they were not even considered.

    My Saleen does an EXCELLENT job of what it is intended to do- a "killer looking", good street performance car with reliable warranty covered fun with the possibility to put the top down and room for a family of four. Nearly six years later, and I have yet to find another car that offers the same, and does a better job at it IMHO.
  11. Your right about the saleen being a good car.But I don't beleive that anyone put down saleens on this topic so I don't know why your so defensive when hearing about what some people posted about the Z06. I love both. I have a 9 second Saleen and my mother has a laser red '95 S351. But I also have had a LS1 T/A for 3 years now and I have no regrets and love the car. Just because someone compliments another car other than a saleen or a mustang does'nt mean they are putting them (saleen's) down.
  12. I think you missed the point of my post.

    I am somebody who enjoys driving Saleens, as well as other cars including Vettes. In fact, when I flew back east to participate in the Turkey Trot, I was in a Callaway Vette (SNAT 425 40th Anniv. Vert) for the cruise. I have also spent some time with the Callaway Z06, and posted on "The Other Board" regarding the car.

    I was pointing out a couple things. One, that ultimate performance comparisons between Vettes/Vipers and Saleen is really tipped in the favor of the 2 seater sports cars, as they do not start out life as a $20k 4-seater. And second, the Saleen is one of the best 4-seaters made.
  13. Not to throw any more gasoline upon the still smoldering embers of this thread... Oh, what the he||, I'll do it anyway... :flame:

    According to what my wife told me, some financial experts on Neil Cavuto's FoxNews program this past Saturday predicted that GM will declare bankruptcy because their retirement & health care benefit liabilities are so massive that they can't possibly be able to cover them. These liabilities combined with poor sales, shrinking market share & the resultant decreased profits & shareholder value has created what some might call a financial "perfect storm" from which GM cannot recover.

    So, those of you who are salivating after that new Z06 better get 'em while you can. :Word:
  14. ahahahaha these words that you speak are true svt saleen. I've heard this for quite sometime. lol
  15. Not bagging on Ford, but they've been having a hard time recently also. Americans are buying fewer SUV's due to higher gas prices, and that's where most of their profits have been the last few years. They'll both bounce back (maybe) :rolleyes: .
  16. SUV and bad gas mileage.......hahaha, my Saleen gets the worst gas mileage....far worse than any SUV I know of. Very, very poor!

    Hey, the Z06 I had in Vegas got close to 30mpg. Boy, I love the Z06......let's start a discussion on that again :rlaugh:
  17. Hey, my Saleen Supercharged 4.6 gets 20 MPG Highway WITH 3:73 Gearing :Word:
  18. I have the 373's as well and don't get the 20mpg. Seems my foot is in it a bit more huh?
  19. yeah mine to i get about 180 mile to a tank my sportbike will go futher on a tank of gas with only 4 gallons in it.
  20. Well, the snow flew last night, so ol' 07B is under his blankey for the winter. Get's great gas mileage under there though:rlaugh: ...