Me and girlfriend been together a year

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  1. hey jay mac, is that your car in your avatar?? go tanymore pics??? kinda digging the color
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  3. ask and ye shall recieve...Here's my baby :D





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  4. you have any problems fitting those 18's in there?? I like those style cobras and was thinking those or the bullitts for when I do my 5lug, but I can run those 4 lug and just upgrade the brakes with the 73mm without going through the hassle of the 5 lug... I dont know , both have their good points and I have like half the parts for teh 5 lug.... sorry for rambling.... so, any fittment issues with the 18's??
  5. I have eibach sportlines on mine BTW..
  6. Not really. Only prob. is you can't make full bore turns or the wheel will carve into the control arms. Just don't do U-turns!!
    The wheels are 9" wide on all corners, w/ 2" lowering springs, I didn't have to flip or remove the quad shocks, and the c/c plates resolved issues I first had w/ wheel well rubbing on fast corners.
  7. Just use duct tape, everything in my engine is being held down by the stuff. If you want to get that "bling bling" factor, get the chrome tape.
  8. werd, i uz em on mi rimzz. Lok tite yo.
  9. I'm having the same problem. Also, Home Depot gave me the wrong blow-off valve in the kit. Oh well ... I'm just glad I got my flux-capacitor hooked up this weekend.
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