me vs. 1997 WS6

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  1. Tonight me and a buddy met up with one of my brothers friends at a local car show held once a month. Walked around checked out all the cars, ate dinner afterwards then we decided to race. He's got a 97 LT1 with the WS6 package on it so we head out to an abandoned road to race. My friend is in my car so he counts down from 3 and we go on 1. First run I bog on the launch and he ended beating me by about a foot. The second run I get a good launch and get his bumper about at my door and at the end of 3rd (have 273's) I am about 2 feet infront of him. Does this sound about right with the mods in my sig or can he not drive?
  2. He cant drive...
  3. sounds like a nice race :nice:
  4. he said he was only pushing around 300hp :shrug: he said he couldnt shift that well but i didnt think it would be that bad
  5. I find that the lt1 and 5.0 are a good matchup. The lt1 isnt a powerhouse like the ls1..

    I would say in ur case, that most likely he wasnt the best driver in the world.. He should be able to beat you, but not by much, maybe a car or two.. If you had some gears, you should be able to beat him without much hassle, even if he can drive.

    My friend has a 95 t/a m6 and with a gutted cat, tbody, maf, cai, 3.73 gears, muffler, drag springs/shocks, he runs 14.1's @100 with a 1.9 60ft (on nittos). I dont think the ram air on those cars is worth much.. When i had stock heads/cam with 3.55 gears i would beat him in street races all the time.. It used to piss him off bad :nice: Now its not even close.
  6. I'm sure this has been answered about a thousand times but what were the lt1's rated at?
  7. 96 and under were 275hp, while the 97's were 285, ram air added 20 or so to that.
  8. 93-95 LT-1's were rated at 275hp and 325 trq

    96-97 LT-1's were rated at 285hp and 325 trq

    The WS-6 and SS packages were rated at 305 hp and 325 tq.

    My friend has a 96 LT-1 with cold air and no cat-back and he will agree with me that my car is quite a bit faster than his. 1105, pretty much the only mod you don't have that I do is 3.73's. I raced a 94 Z/28 with an A4 and higher stall and shift kit, exhaust, cold air and MSD. I had pulleys and gears and I lost by about a half car length.

  9. Should have been about even, they dyno about 260-270 stock. Maybe 275 with the WS6 Package, you would dyno 245-250 or so and weight a bit less.
  10. i raced a 95 camaro before in my red car and barely lost. He was running full exhaust, cold-air and TB, maybe some other things, but he didn't say otherwise. anyway, i had the auto in at the time with a shift kit, cold air, h-pipe and flows. He got maybe a car on me. I was ahead of him all the way up untill his 3rd. thats when he would pass.

    so yeah that guy isn't the best driver, but you should be able to beat him. Get some gears and you'll beat him easily.
  11. Besides the gears we have abuot the same mods and i run about 300flywheel hp. If he has around 300flywheel hp then that race should have been that close. Get some gears and kick some LT1 ass, i know i love doing it.
  12. or just put some new heads on :p Hopefully next weekend or week I'll have the money to buy gaskets, bolts, and timing chain and put my heads on and kick some LS1 ass
  13. Automatic LS1s are usually faster than the M6's. My friend has a 2001 Z28 auto and he ran a 13.5 at the track and his car was completely stock. Those cars, I mean engines (the cars are fugly except the WS6), are awesome. But once you install those heads you should be able to beat most stock LS1's. I have never raced his Z28 but I raced a couple of LT1 Z28's and I usually get beat by those by about a car length, and sometimes I end up beating them by a car length. It's mostly based on how bad my traction is.