Media Blasting In D/fw Area?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Falcon79, May 12, 2013.

  1. Can anyone recommend soneone to blast my 68 coupe in the north dallas area? I called the only shop i found and they quoted $2000 for a full rotisserie blast job. Is that on par with other places?

  2. wow, i have been blasting cars for $800 on a rotisserie ...i need to up my price!
    media blasting will not remove tar ,under coat so you will have to scrape it your self. some shops will not take a car if it is under coated.
  3. Horse sense, you feel like taking a road trip to Big D?? Hehe. Thanks for the response, i guess there arent very many members from my area.
  4. i would need a loooong set of hoses:jester:
  5. I'm originally from North Dallas, but it's been years since I lived there. I cannot speak to media blasting, but I got better bids on body work in the outlying burbs. Same is true here in StL, where crossing a river can save you about $15 to 20 an hour.

    On the other hand, I ended up getting my body work done by the lowest bidder in West Fort Worth, which was too far away to supervise the project and hold the guy to timelines and standards of quality. So it is a balance.
  6. 972-420-1293. If Pete can`t help you, I doubt anyone can, this dude is super cool. Check out his diyautoschool stuff on youtube.
  7. Thx, 65fbresto. Ill give him a call and see what he says, or i might drop by there this weekend, he is only about 15 min away.
  8. Falcon79, did you ever get ahold of pete?