Media: Shelby Cobra vs Turbo Fox Mustang.mp4

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  2. That video made my eyes go buggy. lol So who won?
  3. I love how people always have comments abt how others drive, but 9/10 times theyve never had ANY track time themselves
  4. Who ya talking about? The ones that post on Youtube? The only time I read those comments is on accident. Chock full of internet bad asses that have never done anything but talk trash on the internet and wonder what a girl feels like.
  5. The guy at the end of that video in the background...but i hear it all the time in general...kinda like sports, some1s always talkin smack about how so and so played, and obviously theres a reason their on the field/court and ur not!! Guess i shldnt let the little people in life bother me
  6. No the guy providing comments actually has plenty of track time. He was running his SVT lightning that night at the track.