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  1. In my opinion the rims you have on the car look better then 4 lug 13" cragars and I hate the rims you have on there now. Price to high I dont think so I did say obo. For your info I seen a set not that nice for 150 plus shipping no tires or caps. You seeing them in your area for a 100 nice with new tires, spacers, center caps I dont think so.
  2. Not trying to piss you off but it sounds like I have. I really hate the wheels I have on the car but I really hate the stock foxbody wheels even more. So I dont care what the hell the price is they still arent going on the car.
  3. I don't think it's the wheels at all, but the fattness of the tires, If you went to a lower profile tire you'd be fine. I have seen II's with 17' rims and low pro tires that look good. Mine runs 14' rims with a bit fatter tire. It's all in the overall diameter that makes it work visually.
  4. Not a fan of low profile tires either. older cars should have tires with sidewalls. Im looking for a set of 15" wheels. Im not having much luck with the 4 bolt, so I might have to do a 5 bolt swap.

    On a side note does the word p!ss really need to be censored????
  5. I ended up running across a set of Enkei rims a few years back, and put on my 78 Cobra. Look very similar to the attached picture. I personally like the look, there is a slight rub, but no more than I drive it, I'm not too worried about it.

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  6. I have those on the back of the King