Meet the Molly-Pop Ford Mustang

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  1. [​IMG]The Great American Run is set to launchlater this month, and you can be sure that it will be one of the most actionpacked events of the summer. On July 29th,there will also be another Mustang mixed within the crowd for the rally. Molly Saleen (Steve Saleen?s daughter) willbe piloting a hot pink Saleen Ford Mustang in the Cannonball Runre-enactment. This young lady and hernoble steed, the Molly-Pop, are ready to sear the streets with plenty of show and go. Read moreinside to get the full scoop on this ?fine pair to draw two?.
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  2. Gotta say that the image beneath your sig picture is one of the few things that would divert my eyes from a picture of your car Mike.....:)