Megan ~ Stangette of the month.

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  1. This one's NICE.... [​IMG]
  2. :rlaugh: I love that pic, I just took it. I thought my kitty looked sooo cute. <3 You guys should be cool and join over there. :banana:
  3. If we join... what do we get?? :rlaugh: lol :rolleyes:
  4. You get to chat with hott babes that love mustangs.
  5. I just joined. :)

  6. I think you meant He not
  7. sorry meg my stang is way prettier.....white is an all to common color to be noticed... and as far as pictures, you should really consider moving up from your kodak 1 time use camera....
  8. Okay to any guys on here with a ghia, please ignore this statement, for I do not want to offend but heres how I feel. VYNYL TOPS ARE NASTY!!! THEY ARE WHAT GIVES OUR II'S A BAD NAME AND A NON SPORTY LOOK! And I got a Samsung 4.0 mp digital camera for my b'day. AND My II is wimbledon white a trademark mustang color. I like it, but I might change it someday for I am not the one that picked it. Maybe you should go and learn how to drive so you won't wreck any of the few II's we have left. :rolleyes:

  9. Ya, I hate the way my car is white and does not stand out. :bs:

  10. That makes at least two of us who've had that thought.
  11. PFT Yeah, my favorite II's here are JeffNoels and Power Surges, both WHITE! And white with some color stipes was one of the most popular II color schemes....
  12. .....still waiting for the website where guys pose half dressed with their Mustangs....

    ...guess I'll be waiting for a while.... :rolleyes:


    77 coupe V6
  13. I think the reason you don't see that, is because you probably don't want to see some of these guys half dressed next to their Mustangs ;).
  14. Yea RIGHT! It would have to be called STANG-GUTS.COM lol BWAH HA HA HA AH :banana:
  15. Not MY white one!?? AAAAAWWWWE.... :( jj :rlaugh:
  16. You too goldie! hehe
  17. You might convince some of our members. :rlaugh: The point of the site is not to pose half naked with the car though. It's meant for women who love mustangs, and men who love women who love mustangs. lol You are welcome to join us. :flag:
  18. I sent in a pic of me detailing my engine. They didn't want it... I was too dirty. :D