Megan ~ Stangette of the month.

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  1. hahah I can't believe you guys are going for this.
  2. Hold on, let me go find my thong.
  3. hey its only fair that we contribute pics after seeing some great pics of you!!!
  4. Wow. I'd totally given up on you guys!

    These are great pics! :nice:

    (love the tuxedo!)

    So who's next?

  5. I triple dog dare you.
  6. Not the best picture of me, but the most recent one I can find...


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  7. OOOoooooooo ................

    The triple Dog Dare ......

    {the crowd forma a circle and waits ...}
  8. I must have misplaced it. :rlaugh:

    Here's the most recent picture of me while I was in Sweden.

  9. I just wanted to say I got my hair dyed back to it's original color. So this is a pic I took last night.
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  10. I dont see a pic.
  11. Sucks for you!
  12. ooooh, Baby, now I see it. (amazing what restarting your computer will do!)

  13. looking good! :banana: :banana:
  14. This is me with my newborn baby girl, Lydia.


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  15. ok this is me and my totally rad junker (if it uploaded right)

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