SOLD Megasquirt 5.0 Mustang Plug And Play System From Diy

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Oct 5, 2005
Ive got a Megasquirt Plug and Play ECU setup for 5.0 Mustangs available. Brand new, plugged into my Coupe then removed when the car sold, never used still has the factory settings ready to go! Im asking $500 to move it quick, more info can be found on this link. If I can ship it cheap enough Ill send it on my dime! Im located in Murfreesboro, TN


Quoted from DIY Auto Tune

"This is a complete, ready to run, plug and play package for your 1986-1993 5.0 Ford Mustang. We start with a MegaSquirt-II V3.57 with a black anodized case. We've added all the mods necessary to control fuel, ignition, and idle speed. Then we loaded it with MS2/Extra 2.1.0 release code and a 5.0 base map we developed in-house to help you get your car fired up and ready to tune easily. Our adapter harness lets you plug this right in where your stock EEC-IV ECU used to go. No wire cutting or splicing required! Just run the MAP sensor line (we've included that, too), plug it in, crank it up, and you're ready to start tuning (you'll want to use a wideband oxygen sensor system, at least temporarily, to get the fuel curves dialed in.). We've even included a serial cable and a USB adapter. The 2.5 bar MAP sensor can read up to 21 psi of boost.

Here's a rundown of the unit's basic specs.

•MegaSquirt-II V3.57 with 2.1.0 firmware
•16 x 16 fuel table
•12 x 12 spark table
•Base map and sensor calibration already loaded
•No mass air flow meter required. get that restriction off of your engine!
•Built in MAP sensor runs up to 21 psi of boost
•Tune your fuel and ignition for naturally aspirated, supercharged, or turbo applications
•Full throttle timing curve tracks with boost level - you won't need any other black boxes retarding timing under boost, just tune the proper timing in the table!
•User adjustable rev limiter
•Closed loop idle control maintains steady idle RPM
•Can be set for any injector size
•Allows closed loop O2 mixture adjustment with wideband O2 sensor and controller (not included)
•Includes all sensors needed to run the engine
Install this and unlock the true power potential of the mods you've added! This doesn't modify the rules of the stock ECU; it completely replaces it.

Again, no wiring is required.

Plug it in, run a single vacuum line to the ECU, and you're up and running in minutes, ready for fine tuning.

Note that this one is our entry-level plug and play system; we also have a new model called the MSPNP available if you want a system that's fully loaded. The MSPNP adds knock sensor input, launch control, boost control, real time barometric correction, peak and hold injector drivers, a 4 bar MAP sensor, plus all the features you get with this package."

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