megasquirt a good option??

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  1. hello all, the cam i have from crane cams does not have the same firing order as the stock firing order. Curious if it would be a good idea; if i'm going turbo application in the winter, to change the computer now so it will recognize the new firing order and fire the injectors at the right time. I can get a megasquirt 2 from a friend, and just get the ford adaptor kit and relay.
  2. The Megasquirt is batch fire, versus sequential on the Mustang EEC, so it'll fire the entire bank of injectors at once. It's supposed to be a great system for the price, but I'd probably just pick up a different cam. I believe you can change the firing order with a TwEECer, as well. Been a while since I fired up my laptop and checked it out.
  3. Most tuning software for the eec allows you to change the fire order of the injectors.
    Good Luck
  4. Umm... the firing order for the injectors is pretty much a moot point. As soon as you exceed around 4500 RPM sequential injection doesn't really make a difference anyway since the dwell time is so small. The vital aspect of having a cam with a different firing order is the spark! You wouldn't want the plug to start firing in the middle of the exhaust stroke or towards the end of the intake, etc. You will need to ensure that your ignition system (should you have an aftermarket system) also recognizes the new firing order and adjusts as necessary. Personally I think it would be easier to just get a different cam.

    That said, I am running the MS-II system and am quite pleased with it. Be advised, however, that you will need a thorough understanding of EFI and IC theory/operation. It is definitely NOT a plug-and-play system.
  5. I now have my MS II and I am awaiting the other components in the mail. I realise there is an extensive list of things to learn, good thing I have an import tuner neighbor! Thanks guys, I'll let you know how I like it
  6. Welcome to the club! :nice: