Megasquirt MSPNP2/95 Mustang 347

Nov 23, 2019
A91WHAT, or anyone else. Thanks for the invite.
Im trying to get my car to start and idle so I can begin to tune. The car will start now when I feather the throttle. Before it wouldn’t do anything.Here is what I have tried so far
1. I adjusted idle screw on the throttle body to about 3.5%, then I recalibrated the TPS.
2. I restabbed the distributor and confirmed I was at 20 degrees before TDC.
3. All my sensors have been recalibrated.
4. I have played around with the settings in the startup and idle section but no luck.
I will post some data once I get back home.

I know to get it to fire you need air, fuel and spark. I have all of those. I am just not confident enough to know what to adjust and by how much.

If anyone could give me a good starting point on where to begin and what to adjust and why. You can tell me to plug this number in here and do this, but without a good explanation as to why I’m not going to understand.
I have a background in PLC program so I understand as far as what inputs need to be true to get a desired output. But I do not understand fully what I am inputting and why. Thanks for the invite.
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