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  1. What do you guys know about MegaSquirt. I have been looking into this for a future project for my car. If you could give me some advice about it it would be great. Also if you would recomend it would you get MS-I or MS-II
  2. Not a whole lot of info here about it. You might want to check out though. There is a huge archive, so try searching first.
    It is quite a project, but funds allowing, I'll do it this fall/winter.
  3. Good stuff, but there won't be a simple 'do this and it will work' guide for your megasquirt project. Each ignition control setup will take different hardware and different perameter. At the very least, you'll want MSII, and there are updates beyond that now too.
    Starting here, you can find enough info to take weeks of reading to get though.
  4. I am running MS1 PCB3 on my twin turbo 351w.. Unfortunately I have not been able to spend hardly any time tuning the engine. School and then moving to take a job have made it very difficult to do anything on the car. :( Hopefully soon I'll be able to change that, though. Anyway, I have been pleased with MS so far. Took some work to get it started and all the little bugs worked out, but now I think I am finally ready to start driving it and tuning it. The main problem I had was getting a variable reluctance pickup in an aftermarket distributor to work for my RPM input. I ended up switching back to stock distributor with a hall effect pickup. It works very well. Good luck, it's worth the effort, trust me. The stock PCM is very limiting when you get into high performance or a fully custom build. Oh yeah, don't even bother tuning your air/fuel ratio without a wideband O2 setup. I couldn't imagine even trying without one. It is an invaluable tool.
  5. MS-I PCB v2.2 is just fuel control unless you flash it to MSnS-E. MS-I PCB v3.0 has a faster, smaller processor. MS-II has ignition control built in and can has a more robust design capable of driving low impedance injectors. For MS-I, you have to get the seperate flyback board in order to use low impedance injectors without resistors.