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  1. Has anyone here use megasquit on a n/a fox build. Im about to do a mild build on my 88 gt and I was wondering is it worth going with megasquit. I plan on going turbo at some point. Im still running a speed density eec. Would it make more sense just to grap a a9l.
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    I hear stand alone really is the way to go. I already converted to mass air so I'm just grabbing a quarterhorse with be. Once I get a laptop. But I like the idea of getting rid of the mass air sensor and dizzy while your at lol and having a user friendly type of software to deal with. If you don't mind wiring up a harness go megasquirt. Fast is good also from what I read. Big Stuff 3 seems to be used in really really high hp cars for what reason no idea?
  3. Using megasquirt on my blown 347. Definitely has a learning curve, but it can be adapted to whatever you plan on running. Personally I would recommend seeing what others are using around you, so that you have someone that can help when you need it.
  4. Doing a MAF conversion would probably be easier, but either way you're going to want to tune it. Megasquirt is probably going to end up cheaper, since you're not buying a MAF, tuning device (chip, QH, TwEECer, PMS, etc.), plus a laptop for tuning with.
  5. I don't know about megasquirt, but for the qh and tweecer I go to for tuning help.. The guys on there are pretty good and are willing to help you out.