Meguiar's NXT or Gold Class

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  1. My car was just freshly painted black and I was on Meguiar's Website and did the "Car Care RX" and it suggested that I use Gold Class wax. I've heard alot of good things being said about NXT. Which to choose?
  2. I would contact your painter before putting anything containing carnauba wax on your paint. Gold Class is a polymer/carnauba blend. You might want to contact Meguiars at their customer service line to ask about NXT. It is a polymer with NO carnauba in it but, it always pays to be safe rather than sorry.

    I will PM Mike Phillips at Meguiars and ask in the meantime.
  3. The painter said I can do whatever I want to my car (wax it) because the car was baked. How easy are either to apply and wipe off? Does either leave a powder behind after taking off?
  4. I would still wait to put any kind of protection wax or sealant on the paint. You want to make sure all the solvents in the paint have evaporated completely. When the time comes I would go with NXT. It is a pure polymer and will NOT leave behind a residue unless you put it on too heavily. They keyword here is put it on "thin". It is very easy to put on and wipes off just as easily.
  5. There is also #26 as a choice
  6. Just got off the phone with Meguiar's tech and he suggested that I wait approx three months before waxing and then go with NXT.
  7. I thought it was a little weird that your painter said to go ahead and wax it. The reason for waiting is to give the solvents in the paint enough time to evaporate out of the paint. I do admit though I am not that familiar with the paint process. Does "baking" speed that process up? I would still think it is better safe than sorry.

  8. Yes...Baking is supposed to speed the process but I guess I will just wait
  9. I am having my front and rear bumpers repainted and I asked the guy about how long I should wait until waxing..... he said that waiting is just a rumor. As far as he knows, there is nothing that could screw up the bumper once it has cured for (24hrs..? or something like that) and that he's waxed his own car only days after painting it. I think I'm still gonna wait a little while before waxing, but I thought i'd share with you guys......[i'm not saying this guy is right either]
  10. Here is what I found out. The "baking" just makes the paint hard enough to be able to drive the car home without bugs, etc from sticking to what would be wet paint. It still takes some time for the solvents in the paint to evaporate out. No one can tell you exactly how long that process is going to take. Usually people suggest anywhere from 30-90 days. It is up to you but, if it were me I would wait. What do you have to lose by waiting? As long as you wash it and keep an eye on things like bug splats and bird droppings you should be fine. I would carry a bottle of Quick Detailer and a good quality microfiber towel in your trunk to handle emergencies :)
  11. When your ready -- go with the NXT. It is great wax and you'll love the shine. Gold class is good but i think NXT is just a step up.
  12. The Meguire's looks sweet. I just put Mother's 3 stage wax on mine, should I strip it off and start over w/ Meguires, or could I put the Meguire's on over it?
  13. no, don't strip it off. Keep it on. When it comes for a new coat of wax within a month or two depending on weather conditions use the NXT if you want.

    I'm assuming you prepped the paint well when you waxed? If not, paint cleaner, polish, then wax. :banana:
  14. NXT or Gold Class...

    BOTH!!! It's just a personal opinion, but I like the results I got with layering the 2. It might vary with colors though, mines electric green. I clayed, used Megs step 1 paint cleaner, step 2 polish, NXT (let the nxt cure 2 days) then topped it with Gold Class paste. The NXT is super easy to remove, the GC was too, but only if I didn't let it haze. Also, I am completely sold on Microfiber towels....

    Here's my hood after I finished with the GC:

    And a pic of more of the hood:
  15. This is good, trustworthy information. There is a HUGE difference between drying time and evaporation. All baking does is speeds up the dry time. It does absolutely nothing to the evaporation of solvents in the paint layers. The reason bodyshops "bake" cars once they are finished painting them is so that they can turn out more cars/day. They bake it for a half hour and send it to the detail shop where they color sand and buff out the minor imperfections. They don't even use a true wax on a car once it's buffed out. They use a detailers style wax, like Mequiars Quick Detailer to give the car the wet look. Trust me, my dad owned a bodyshop and I know several other bodyshops that follow this process.

    Manufacturers set these time periods for reasons. If you put wax on a fresh paint job, the solvents down inside the paint become trapped. This tends to cause problems with the paint and sometimes gives it a dull look. I would suggest following the manufacturers recommended time period before waxing it. If you were to have a problem with it and they found out you waxed it prematurely, they may not warranty their product. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  16. Is it a problem that when my car came back after being freshly painted, I washed it with Dawn only one time?

  17. Um... yesss... :bang:
    Apparently I dont know much about this stuff. And thankfully the previous owner washed the car with sandpaper, so I have lots of swirls marks. Will the paint cleaner and polish help get rid of most those? Does Meguire's make paint cleaner and polish too?
  18. Probably not...but it is a little harsh on the paint and I would not recommend doing that either.