Melbourne area stangs

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  1. anyone in melbourne, fl going cruising tomorrow night or going to any local shows?:cool:
  2. I live beachside, and go to school in melbourne. I don't know of any shows going on, though... :rolleyes: :D
  3. You do...its in November...remember.
  4. I mean i don't know of any shows THIS weekend...cause that's what he asked. ;) :D :p
  5. To bad that bad arse car place over near Mel High is gone. They had awesome cars there.
  6. who said anything about having to meet at some other car show(other then me) we could always meet up and start our own thing. just an idea.:cool:
  7. of course...but noone wants to look at my beater. But some guys here (1Bad89Coupe) hangs out closer to my end of the county on the weekends over in Merrit Island and sometimes down the road from me.
  8. I'm down on MI alot, in fact I just came back from there a few minutes ago. BTW, what car shop are you talking about across from Mel High? I never noticed one.
  9. i dont know the name of the place that used to have the show but its in the florida market place parking lot on the corner of babcock and hibiscus. if thats any help...i dont know if they still do it but i saw them all there about 3 weeks ago.
  10. Oh, yeah, it's like, Beckets or something. I've never been in there, but I've wanted to. Just never really cared enough, I guess.
  11. You know where the old Service Merchandise used to be...and the McDonalds thats on that corner. There was a shop there that had all these old cars. The building next door which is now something else is where Rockledge High had its graduation for C/O 2k. They closed shop and something else is there now.
  12. This area is soooooooooooo boring. There is absolutely nothing interesting to do. I cannot wait to get out of here and go to college next year. It's going to be great. (Of course, Gainseville is a really small town, too. D'oh!) (Assuming I get accepted) //Me crosses fingers\\
  13. Umm...its more boring down this way...TRUST me. I went to the local bowling alley on US-1...that is 90% dead. I spent an hour there with a friend cause we were trying to hang with a guy that worked there...he wasn't there...but because this place sucks so bad, we just stayed there.
  14. Wow. I should have checked the Southeast section last night. I wouldn't mind getting together with some of the other Mustang owners in the area. Even just for a cruise down to Hooters for dinner or something. I work the graveyard shift on weekends but I can always make it out for a few hours in the evening. Anyone interested?
  15. Which Hooters? I'd like to, but if it's the one on MI, I don't want to. Don't feel like driving up there 3 times in 2 days...unless you guys don't mind me showing up in a Camry. :D :p
  16. im with him on this one...if your refering to the one by mel hi then thats all good but i dont know about the one in merritt island. just gotta pick a day im not working or in tallahassee.:cool:
  17. I mean, I got no problem going to MI, but just not so many times so close together. I haven't even owned my stang a year and I've already got 17,500+ miles on it. :eek: Must keep car through college (in other words, for the next 4.5 years.)
  18. i see your point...i would prolly feel the same way about putting that many miles on a new car. mines a 93 with jsut over 85,000 and i would like to keep it as low as possible even though its a 4 cyl. this will prolly be my college car too but ill be going to school in tallahassee, so coming home will end up putting a lot of miles on the car.
  19. You guys need to go out the the track some night! Sometimes a few stangers (quikstang) head out to bithlo and run. Even if you guys don't run atleast we could meet up or whatever and hang out after words. I know it's a long drive but it's just an idea. That or come to MI on a saturday night and head out to the old K-Mart or Carnival Mall on us1 in Rockledge. Tonight quite a few cars showed up. I was hungary and tired so I never went out with everybody else, it's pretty cool though. Let me know if anybody wants to do something....:cool:
  20. The Hooters in Melbourne is fine. I don't particularly care where, I'm just itching to get out of the house and do something. Also, I guess the one in Mel has "mini-car shows" out there. I was out on a Sat morning last April and there were a ton of muscle cars out there plus a radio station. I was talking to a guy and he said that they do that some-what regularly. Keep me posted on what you guys want to do. Just let me know at least a day ahead. I typically don't get on line until after midnight.