Melbourne area stangs

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  1. Not bad. I keep having problems getting accepted to college. :bang: I've applied to UF and FAU for this semester, haven't heard back from either one. Interestingly, I'm signed up to take the entrance test to the BCC Police Academy. I guess it's kind of my back up if I don't get into a real college next semester.

    BTW: Dan, I saw you yesterday turning onto...Auora Rd, I believe. Down by that place "The Shop" :)rolleyes:) . Anyway, your car sounded much more aggressive than I remember. :nice: Did you change something?
  2. D'oh! Double post.
  3. Dumb Question to follow: Is Central Florida Modorsports(spelled wrong on purpose) a 'walk in' retail shop or mail order only?:shrug:I mean, our shop is mail order, but we do get a few walk in customers.

    I need to pick up a few things and would like to save on shipping charges from Orlando.
  4. Yeah you can just walk in and buy stuff from CFM also, thats where I get a majority of my parts.
  5. Thanks man! I didn't want to drive all the way over there for naught.
  6. Hmmm, at the price of gas today is it really cheaper to drive to Orlando and back? Don't forget you will have to pay 6% tax too. I often buy from out of state just for that reason on larger items.

    Kevin, you coming out to the AX this Saturday and Sunday? I will have the 95 GT there this weekend with a different engine in it. :)
  7. glenn, CFR-west is running at GIR on may 9th, i'm the point leader in SM, so I have to go!! you plan on coming up.??

    I've got the SM lead in JAX and in CFR-W. This is turning into a good season. Hope it ends good. I think once Xian figures out his civic hatch, im done thats one fast little car.

  8. Joe is killing me with the times he's pulling with your old car :D . Not trying to poke at you, but that makes me want to keep my car ;). How's the other "project" coming along? I still have a few little things here to work out but overall it's running pretty good. I'm thinking about working out a deal with the guy next to joe for some paint work. He seems to know his stuff since he's been doing it for so long, but I'll wait till I see his work with Dannys truck.

  9. Hmm, good point. And :doh: I did forget about the sales tax. However, I can get everything from CFM or do two small orders from Summit and Holcomb Motorsports(I like them, they might not be the cheapest but they are fast). I'll refigure the totals and see what works out the best. Anyone know if they are open weekends?:shrug:

    No I won't be at AX, I've resigned myself to the belief that the SCCA will get booted from Palm Bay again. The way they made it sound, they were on really thin ice there. Not to mention, didn't(um, drat can't remember her name) say that they've already lost Saturday privileges at Deland? Someone certainly isn't using their head. But more importantly Sunday is my son's birthday:nice:
  10. Gas prices? Bah... Buy a motorcycle. That's what I did. ;) 190 miles on 1 tank of gas, not including reserve (MAXIMUM of 4.8 gallons).

    The AutoX is Saturday (tomorrow) right? If I can get off of work I'm gonna try to be up there....wont know til 9am tomorrow. I wanna see how the Mustangs do...been a while since I watched AutoX.
  11. I dunno Dave, I just did GIR last weekend for a Martin Club event. I have a Saturday and Sunday at Palm Bay this weekend and I am back at GIR next weekend for a 2 day Solo Trials event. Then I hope to make Sebring the following weekend for the SVTOA open track days. Not sure if I can handle another trip to GIR so soon.

    Between pulling the engine from the LX 2 weeks ago then pulling the GT engine last week and installing the LX engine in it I am getting pretty burned out. I just got home tonight at midnight after installing a roll bar and harnesses for the Solo Trails event. I need to find some one willing to work on my car for me for free! LOL
  12. Hey Glenn, I did not forget about you. Can you please PM me your cell number? I had it saved on my voice mail which was deleted. Thanks.

  13. What's the best he's gone so far? Last I seen was 13.1 and I talked to him a couple weeks after that and he told me a couple "changes" and haven't heard since. Here's 2 links to pics of the "newer" mustang. It's coming very slowly because money only goes so far. You know what I mean ;)

    The 2nd link is pics of the prostars on the front and the first is just pics in general of the car.
  14. Were you in your Talon? If so I saw you. I had gotten about 100 yards past you and my mind finally caught up to me from where I left it back at work. It was pretty sure it was you.

    Hmmm, I'm pretty sure the only thing I've done since I've seen you last was the suspension. Maybe because it's lower to the ground and echoing harder off the asphalt? Maybe because everyone else has slowed down due to gas prices and I keep my damn foot in it? :shrug: ;)
  15. Or maybe you need new mufflers? :rolleyes:

    Hey Dan, how goes it? I haven't seen you much lately. You really need to get out to an AX soon. Lately I am about the only modified Mustang entering any of the events. Today there were two in F-Stock and me in C-Prepared, and that was it. TJ hasn't even been to any yet this year, except for a Saturday practice about two months ago.

    CFR will be having a two-day event in Ft. Pierce at IRCC on the 22nd and 23rd of May if you can make it.
  16. Somehow I don't think I'm the first guy to wear out a set of SS Bassani's, although I could be.

    Ehhh, busy busy. The global climate right now has me in high demand if you catch my drift.
  17. Yeah, I was in the Talon. Hmmm...well maybe it's just been a while since I heard it.
  18. The GTS got a new hood today :D :


    All the better to fit that monster intake under... But next, the baseline dyno. Who knows when that will happen. :shrug:
  19. Very nice looking hood :nice: Is that awesome spoiler on the trunk yet?