Melbourne area stangs

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  1. No. The bodyshop is having problems with the base primer outgassing and creating pinholes (or so they say). I've got it back to do some more prep on it before they try shooting it again.
  2. Got me a new toy :D. Picked her up on Monday:

    As if I needed another moneypit.:rolleyes:
  3. Party on Dan's boat! :banana:

    Damn man, Air Force pay must be better than I thought. So what's her name?
  4. Haven't named her yet (I know, bad luck) but we're working on it. As far as the milpay issue, this was paid for entirely by Jessica's job. While the AF is definately paying me good (even though it was January before I got back to what I was making prior to enlisting :rolleyes: ), they aren't paying me enough to afford a boat.

    And speaking of milpay, baggie gets promoted at the end of the month. :D

  5. If anybody is interested we are having a dyno day the 12th of June. Check or for details.
  6. Well congrats there...sergeant? Can't remember. :doh: Hey, who is that on your hood?
  7. Hey everyone. Haven't been on in a while, decided to go with the screen name that I have just about everywhere else now. Just thought I'd see what all has been going on and what not. News on my end: Shipping off to USAF BMT on June 8th. Tech school is 10 months: 5 in Arizona, 5 in north Florida somewhere. Job is Signals Intel.
  8. Cool beans man... Have fun there.... Hope the pay is good! :shrug:
  9. Sharp looking boat, Dan! :nice: Great job on the promotion too :flag:
    BTW, if you haven't heard it lately, Thanks for what you do for our country, that goes for you too Graves :flag: :flag:

    Anyone know a place that I can get rotors turned? I didn't see that tirerack had Brembo rotors for about 5 bucks more(each) than the Autozone Chinese/Mexican specials I bought about 4-5months ago. A couple of 80-0 stops on I-95 has managed to warp them pretty good.
  10. I'm going in as an E1, so pay ain't the greatest, but other than the 2 bills I have, and car insurance ( if I don't sell it ) I'll be saving nearly all of my money. I hope to save up as close to 10k as I can get to put down on an 03/04 Cobra. Hopefully...
  11. Graves,

    Congrats on the decision. It was one of the best choices of my life. As far as signals intel tech school, the N. Florida has to be Eglin AFB in Panama City. In AZ, it will either be Luke outside of Phoenix or Davis-Monthon outside of Tucson. They must have changed that though because I was pretty sure that they used to do it at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX.

    Anyways, if you have any questions about what you're getting into, feel free to shoot me an email or drop me a line and I'll tell you what I can. :flag:


    I just put on Staff Sergeant which came with a tidy little raise. Next mod: Viper spec T56. :D Oh, and that's the wife draped over the hood.


    TJ turns rotors down at his shop. You may want to give him a call.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. Hmm, wonder if he's open on Saturdays. I don't know why I didn't think of calling him. :doh:
  13. Cars for Charity car show is going to be August 14th at the Melbourne Mall. Last time we had a good turnout with Stangs. Hope to see some of you there.
  14. Announcing it a little early arent ya? ;)

    Its gonna be a blast though, I can't wait. I want to do the dyno this year so bad since I couldn't last year....but I've got multiple trans fluid leaks and I'm afraid of one letting go on the drum... We'll see what happens....if I do run it though it's sure to be a disappointment from the transmission. I'm expecting about 280 to the wheels..... Pretty sad number for what the motor's got into it. :(
  15. Man...I wish I would have remembered this thread before I left...My family and I stayed in Melbourne this weekend. Spent some time at the beach there and went up to Cocoa as well as down to Vero Beach. Now I can put actual places with your locations. I even know where Palm Bay is now. :nice:

    Anyway, you sure have alot of imports around. But most seem to be pretty cool even if they do have the gaudy body kits. Except for the little Neon R/T (blue with white stripes and an R/T sticker on it :rlaugh: ) that I passed on the way back from Daytona early sunday morning after the race. I was in a rented Mitsu Eclipse Spyder and was able to pass him pretty easily even with the farts winding out pretty good. And which one of you in the Red GT wouldn't let him and his buddy pass you on I-95? Everytime he would try to get by you'd tap the gas and trap him in traffic. Ohhhh you are so mean. :D

    Anyway wish I could have got to meet some of you while I was there. I roamed around the crowd at the fireworks but ended up back at the hotel (Melbourne Harbour Condos---OK if you need a place to lay your it was cheap). Hope to head down there again for the Daytona 500 next year so I'll try to see if I can meet up with some of you then.
  16. Don't be fooled...we're infested by a lot of crappy imports. Hondas and the like..hell, an occasional riced out Hyundai. But for every few crappy ricers, there are some good, well-thought out imports with respectable power..

    Red GT huh? Sounds like me, but I usually play with em, let them go to accelerate, and go wide open on them. Even if I can't pull on them that fast, the exhaust note scares the crap out of them.
  17. if you were at the fireworks stores on 192(New Haven Rd.) you were like 100 feet from where i work. one fireworks store gave us 800+ dollars worth of free stuff. :)
  18. The hotel is actually on New Haven but more towards the end...right by the water.

    I saw quite a few Stangs in the few days we were there. One was a 96-98 vert with a really young guy (well he was young to me). He cruised the parking lot at the Indiatlantic Beach.

    I also saw (and heard) a blue 99+ at the 7/11 on A1A on the way to Daytona. He was getting gas and left before I had a chance to talk. He then went down the road to the next 7-11. That is when I heard the exhaust :nice: . I tried to catch up but the Mitsu Eclipse I rented wasn't the quickest thing in the world. When I reserved it the web site said a Chevy Camaro or similar...I see NOTHING similar between those two cars. :shrug: At least it was a vert so I guess that is what they meant by similar.

    I will be sure to check with you guys before my next trip...I'd like to find a place to hang out while we are there.
  19. They probably meant a V6 Camaro. Not the quickest booger in the world....prob. right there with the Mitsu.

    Definitely ask before ya come man....there's all KINDS of car meets around here. You should try to make it down for the Cars For Charity show in August.
  20. I knew that...just not a big fan of imports so I was disapointed it wasn't at least the Chebby. I get discounts with Avis or I would have gotten the Stang vert from Thrifty.

    Anyway...this thread is HUGH...must be the biggest on Stangnet. Glad I could contribute. :nice: