Melbourne area stangs

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  1. Was the Gt vert. with the young guy in it black? It might of been Brian he is in our Mustang Club.

    Glad you had fun.
  2. No...young white guy...almost looked like he was too young to drive.
  3. no, he meant young guy driving a black vert...not young black guy in the vert.
  4. Ohhh...No the car was was the guy.
  5. Hee hee hee... It's installed.

  6. Bag,
    We all know I'm not exactly the most technically/mechanically profiecent person in the group. As such, I'm going to have to go out on a limb and ask exactly what is in the pictures. I see something from Roush that looks new, and it appears the intake has moved to the back/top of the engine. It looks awesome, but I have no clue waht it is. :shrug:

    On a less technical note, I finally got my hood, after waiting about 2 years to ever being able to order it. It's a Cervinis Stalker hood. It's looks to be in great shape, despite the condition of the box it came in :rolleyes: . Regardless, it'll be painted and put on next week, along with my T/A. Pics coming soon. :banana:
  7. Sounds cool Erich. I can't wait to see the pics.
  8. Well then, let’s see if I can make some sense of it.

    This is a picture of the entire roush intake assembly. As you can see, it looks a great deal different than the typical 5.0L intake setup (the GT40, Edelbrock, and Cobra intakes for example).

    This is a picture of the entire roush intake installed on the car.

    The red arrow is the throttle body, the green is the MAF, and the purple is the airbox and filter assembly. Stock, the 5.0L motors have basically the same layout as a 4.6L (if you want a comparison). The air filter is on the passenger side fender, the MAF is right behind it, and then the throttle body mounts to the upper intake plenum after a length of rubber hose (and a few air sensors as well).

    In the Roush setup, the throttle body, MAF, and air filter are all placed directly over the engine (the TB bolts directly to the rear of the upper feeder tube). This was originally designed to be used with a custom cowl intake hood and the motor got it’s fresh air from the rear opening of it.

    Basically, the only changes are where everything is located and how the air enters the combustion chamber. Any questions?

    Get some pics of that hood and get 'em posted.
  9. WOW......I want one. Where do I sign up? :hail2: :hail2:
  10. Start with Ebay for a couple years and keep an eye on all the forum classifieds as well. I've been looking for one for almost three years. I'd find the complete setup on Ebay every now and then but they all went for nearly $1500. I finally got this one off of someone on another forum for substantially less.
  11. How soon before you get that setup dyno'd again? I must say it looks might nice!:nice:
  12. Im not from melbounre, but for gods sake man! This is one long ****ing thread!
    yall should consider getting your own forum =]
  13. Hopefully as soon as I get back in town.

    Actually, we do have our own website and forum. :spot:
  14. Just in case nobody reads the local boards. The BMS car show is moved to 2nd of October.
  15. Anybody riding out the storm in Brevard?
  16. Yup. But you already knew that.
  17. We're still here. Gas seems to be an big issue around here. I managed to get both cars filled up yesterday, though.

    We were supposed to move this weekend, but that's not going to happen. However, we do have the keys to the other house so we can head over there after the storm if we have to. On the upside, most of our stuff is packed up and covered in plastic. The computer goes next.....

    Everyone keep safe!
  18. Yep, I'm riding it out at my aunt's house since she's got storm shutters. Our house......we have duct tape on a couple windows, that's about it. We're sooooo screwed!