Melbourne area stangs

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  1. Yeah we still have to go and find some tape or wood to do the windows. I wonder if Lowes has any??
  2. Plywood is pretty much sold's very hard to get a hold of. And most stores are closed by now. Duct tape, we called like 6 or 8 different places and they had sold it all out by now. Gas is also hard to get.

    GOod luck!
  3. Yeah, I didn't find anything.
  4. Riding it out right now in Titusville. Not so bad so far.

  5. Well lets hope we dodge the Ivan bullet here in the Space Coast.
  6. So far, looks like Ivan is headed for the west coast. We'll probably get raked by some rain and light winds, but that's it.
  7. Jeanne is getting closer. I hope I get some more days off work paid like Frances.

  8. Must be nice getting paid, because I sure didn't :(.
  9. Ditto that. But the past couple weeks I've been back, I've gotten nasty overtime. 14 hours this past week. :nice:
  10. My how this thread has fallen. :(

    Anywho, anyone seen a new '05 yet? I saw one today down here in Boca. A red V6. It looked pretty nice. I'm gonna have to see if I can go test drive one.
  11. A guy bought an 05 GT to TJ's shop thursday. There are a few pics of it on
  12. hello florida people, i live in winter springs, right over orlando, heres my car and my dads car he takes to alot of shows
    dads 67
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  13. Very nice Stangs! I definately love the '67.
  14. You guys serioussly need your own forum.
    jesus, you guys have more posts than 6 cylinder forum and 4popper forums combined
  15. we have one now. we hardly use this anymore.
  16. If our own board wasn't used I bet this thread would be twice as large as it is now.
  17. Hey buddy, what happen to the old days of you whorin' 4.6 Talk?
  18. bump