Melbourne area stangs

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  1. 499 cid bowtie 9 second 10 inch tire car
  2. l just realize that this must been longest thread ever. It started on 11-01-01, and today is 11/17/04!!!
  3. I know man. I'm kinda out of the whole scene now. I rarely come here anymore, and when I do, I pretty much only check this, now barely active, thread. I miss the old days, 4.6 Talk used to be hilarious. Now when I go there, it's just like, blah. Hawk, san~man, pepsi, and a whole bunch of others who I've forgotten. :(
  4. For those interested:

  5. Saturday Feb 19th 2005
    Melbourne Square Mall

    Car Show
    Dyno Contest
    Live Music

    Domestics, Imports, Classics, Trucks, Whatever!

    Come on out, and have a great automotive lovin' evening all while supporting a great LOCAL Charity and supporting your great LOCAL Venors!!!
  6. Anybody know where I could get some chrome caps for a set of 99 Lightning rims?
  7. I'm checking tomorrow for ya Joe
  8. A little late there don't ya think?
  9. Anybody out there?
  10. so brevard mustangs is dead?
  11. Seems that way. I will talk to Adam and see what is up since he owns the domain name. It might be because of all of those damn bots attacking it.
  12. joe find that center cap? if so call me i left my number on trickpros site..
  13. I am still looking for it. I know it is somewhere.
  14. What's up? I am surprised you check out this forum anymore.
  15. actually, this and FS are about the only two i am posting in with any frequency. I got your number I am gonna give you a ring here soon to bs...hows the family and the new baby
  16. Doing pretty good, how's the Cobra running?
  17. Anybody ever hear anything about these blocks?

    MMR Street mod Short block