Melbourne area stangs

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  1. its still a turd. i think i loosened her up a bit with those et street launches getting it into the 12's. i will be upgrading some stuff soon and then buying something new for myself or taking a demo from work.
  2. What type of car are you looking at?
  3. I can't believe this thread is still around. lol
  4. i like gto's, new stangs and of course something with a powerstroke in it. so its all up in the air now. i think i will buy a not missing car payments :D
  5. Hello! I'm new and was checking for some other stangers in the Brevard area. My name's Tammy & I'm in Titusville. I don't have a mustang anymore, but am looking for a new one. I am also a member of United Stangs (considering starting a Fl chapter w/ them) but was looking to see who else is out here.
  6. We used to use this thread alot but now that Adam set up we don't use it much anymore.
  7. Wow! So this thread is still alive...sorta. I think this is my first post in here in over a year.
  8. I remebered my log in. :rolleyes:
  9. Good for you Josh.
  10. Wow, i havent been on SN in probably 2+ years, and I forgot about how we (formerly bama mafia) used to harass you guys about this thread. Good times :p
  11. Looks like our local board is down.
  12. I was just looking at this thread and saw your post.

    Somehow when I was searching google this thread came up with my user name so I clicked on it.

    FYI - I sold my Mustang to a good friend and he had it up until last year when it was totaled in a bad wreck on the Turnpike. :(

    I was actually toying with buying it back from him too.

    I wonder how many of the guys I used to Autocross with are still in here.
  13. I autocross...though in the central florida region...

    I guess there are no meets, cruises, or such in the eastern, central fl area?

    Got to keep the thread alive!!! lol
  14. Finally Got Another Mustang!