Melling oil pump broke like candy cane

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by horse sence, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. its actualy the suction tube mounting flange .with the pump mounted on the block it would be the lower hole .the material around the bolt hole is barly 3/16 thick . i can clearly see a crack in the midle of the small piece the came off and i am wondering if it happend when it was threaded at the factory? it looks like an expansion crack. the other bolt hole has a lot more material around it. still waiting on a new pump but i will be looking at it with a magnifying glass thats for sure.
  2. where was the crack ? do you think the second pump held with out cracking he said tring not to scair the crap outa you:rlaugh:. was it just cracked or didit actualy come off like mine? mine has a rear sump so the sucker tube will be bolted solid to the main cap ,that is one good thing .but that hole is realy going to worry me as thin as it is. i wonder if a stud and lock nut would be better atleast in that hole?
  3. Oh ok. I'm still running a stock suspension. Manual steering. I currently have a 70s 302 with the sump in the front.
  4. Good luck with that oil pump'