'member me Sleeper?

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  1. I came on board 'bout one or two years ago talking about a capacitor for a spark plug... (yeah, yeah, the Flux capacitor..) anyway, they brought it to market. I said I got a set while I was working for the military in New Mexico and it really amped up my V6. Turns out the "dyno" shows a double digit % gain, not just a 4hp, or 5hp gain, but a double digit!!!

    They are trying it out with MSD and BOSCH plugs now to see what happens when you combine all three with something like TURBO's to solve the latency and extra fuel left over, or whatever that whole coil thing does fo the spark. (I don't know crappola 'bout cars, but I did know that my six went from a regular ole six to something that sounded nasty after they put those capacitors on!!! Plus I had a CAI, so it made a nice Darth Vader sound too under the hood......)

    Anyway, just wanted you to know I wasn't full of it, and the thing was for real. It's called DirectHits, and they have sponsors and stuff too now. Check 'em out if you care to.

    C ya. Maybe it's the extra advantage to get someone over-the-top...
  2. Close goooglie boy...but

    this ain't a spark plug.


    It's a capacitor ON the spark plug. And a non-re-sisitor spark plug at that. But nice try at being cute and funny, I can see how well that work for you. Not.
  3. damn.

    Now don;t I feel like a turd. He's a freakin' BOT....
  4. lol, yeah, sux to be gone for awhile and find out we have advertisments up the wazoo (first time i have ever used that word, ever)
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Oh man, sorry but I had to laugh.
  6. can you link to anything that talks about this , it seems interesting
  7. i doubt it would do much good on a stock v6 stang
  8. Sleeper's right (of course..)

    I was pluggin away, but only becasue it was all I had, and the guys who installed it thought it was like landing on the moon. They had never seen anything like it, and when some dude in a suit and tie walks into a HotRod shop and says put this five inch thingee on a non-resistor spark plug, it WAS interesting!! They hooked it ip to a MSD display they had on the desk and it looked like a welding torch and all of a suddden here were five greasy well knowledged mechanics all admiring my new addition. One even bought a set for his dragster (pro-drag somewhere at Alamo Speedway?) forr the turbo and Nitrous....

    It was never, and still isn't an AD, I swear, but I did want you to still they now are "legit" as a real company selling and marketing and even have endorsements from racers and stuff.

    Pretty cool, no?
  9. I've researched their product online. First they want $255 for it. $255 for spark plugs and wires basically. People did say that they made a slight difference, but that it was not worth the money.
  10. No, i was offered to get a set for free if I would just show before/after dyno sheets.

    I told them to keep it.

  11. I saw dynos from General Motors on a V6 stang, a Ford Truck full size, and a single stroke. Ya'll are insane to turn down free... just goes to show that those who know; don't...
  12. I do know and I would not use it!
  13. You don't, cause you didn't. Period. This is newly invented technology, you might be car buff, but you obviously know nada 'bout this.

    And by the way, while in Vegas I saw the MSD ignition and some nice Bosch non-resistor plugs make this a real side-show for ALL the vendors. They were very impressed. People like MSD don't just give their products to anyone, now...do they?

    BTW-nice retort...
  14. Why not? What do you think is wrong with it?
  15. First off can you use it with Nitrous?

    Second, Do I use nitrous?

    Third, if you know the answer to both, you know that I cannot use it!

    Thank you.

    Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
  16. Nitrous, Turbo, SUpercharger = moot

    If you really looked at the product you would see that in a STOCK engine there was a DOUBLE digit gain on horsepower. That would mean if you had 190hp and it was a 10% gain, you would have gained 19hp...

    Here is a dyno of a Chevy Avalanche:

    Is does work best with "latency" created by excess fuel, or Nitrous, but it also works on stock vehicles as well. Like mine. Just an FYI. I was just trying to shed some light on new technology out there, especially because my first post ever was 'locked' due to it. Wanted to vindicate myself. Now I feel like I have.

    Not trying to get in a argument, or pissing match, or get anyone to buy anything. The forum was about sharing ideas and getting help, I tried to do both...

    Happy Holidays to all, and no offense intended.



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  17. My curiosity has been perked.

    But, I do think that these "directhits" folks are charging out the *** for these capacitors...that technology, when mass produced should not cost more than 30 dollars for these guys, so they're business isn't worth my 255 dollars. Don't care about the gains, even Roush doesn't overcharge that much for their products. Oh, and we can't get a 19 hp gain based on your 10% method, we don't have 190hp at the rear wheels, so if you do happen to be an official spokesman for directhits, you just claimed false advertisement, where's my free set?
  18. Not a spokesperson for anything, I promise...just some dork who bought a 'vert trying to live younger than I am.

    But you proved my point by saying 10% as opposed to hp gain. It can exponential according to what horsepower you have now... I think. So if you have 100 = 10hp, etc, etc..

    And yes, I'm sure it is expensive. That was what the inventor told me when he gave them to me, I wouldn't buy them for what he asked either...so I guess I proved YOU right too!