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  1. Yeah, he is, ok ok ok Im gettin old.
  2. Noong is your car almost done? Are you just doing H/C/I or are other goodies going on as well?
  3. its in for H, C, I, Meth Injection, and a fuel system and tuning and as they checked it out it got a bit more spendy. Here is a clip of the email the shop sent;

    1- idler pulley behind the supercharger is bad and needs replacing
    2- the left front inner tie rod is worn out, this is most likely the cause for the car wondering and reasoning for thinking the car may need a bump steer kit
    3- the syncros in the transmission are worn out and the cause for it grinding when going into gear at high hi rpm or when trying to shift fast
    4- the radiator has a hole in it and is leaking coolant, it was low on coolant which was most likely the cause for the temperature fluctuating
    5- clutch feels soft and releases very high, would recommend replacing due to power increase from cylinder heads
    6- oil leaks are from both the pressure line to the supercharger as well as the return line fitting going into the oil pan

    But it will be right when I get it back in a few weeks. Ef, I forget just how spendy cars can be. Sometimes i think, why dont I just get a new car and leave it........................
  4. lol yeah I hear you there! I went back and forth with the Cobra for about a year and a half, then I got into an accident on Halloween in it so that helped make up my mind. Still haven't found out of they are gonna fix the car or total it. I'm guessing they are gonna total it though since it has about 3 billion miles on it. What kind of blower are you rocking on that beast?
  5. Well this times its a Vortech, as you know I think Ive done them all now. I had the Kenne Bell, and the turbo, and now this. lol
  6. Well when that blows up, you can get a Procharger lol.
  7. Thanks buddy :chin
  8. So....I might get dumb here in a little bit and twin turbo my shelby. I may need some advice. lol I'll let you know if I actually get the money together.
  9. Id call EJ or George at TTI, they would be the best source for info. These mod motors have me all lost still. :crazy:
  10. Yeah I'm gonna run some stuff by EJ next time I see him. The kits I've seen are only a couple grand more expensive than the superchargers, I'd just have to save my pennies longer. Compound boost would be insanity, I still want to keep it as my DD though so might not be the smartest decision lol.
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  11. Well, I don't know about you crazies, but I'm getting excited for this summer.
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  12. Heck, Spring is closing in. We turn out clocks ahead March 11th...4 wks from today !
  13. Are you Jagaloons still posting in here??!!? WANNA_BE_GT whats happening brother? Long time no talk!
  14. I have not been on here in a few years, busy with grad school at Portland State. My Stang is still chugging along at over 200k. My latest mod: sequential taillights! They look awesome! Doesn't make the car go any faster, but at least when I hit the brakes, all 3 bulbs are used instead of just 2. Same for the turn signal.
  15. Nice! I think that is a cool mod, that's amazing your car is still rolling with that many miles on it. My Cobra had 170k before some dickhole ran into it. It was running just fine amazingly.
  16. I've mostly skipped over to that which will not be named since it's pretty dead everywhere else. I'm still bouncing around here a bit too though :pop:
  17. :D
  18. Websites are like girlfriends, you just keep them long enough until you find another one that is more active and fun. AMIRITE?!
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  19. I'm still around. Just enjoying my 2011 GT :) What have you been up to bro?!?