West Coast Members of the Old School, check in!

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  1. long time no talk! I'll pm you my number, much easier to keep in touch that way :nice:
  2. I'm still here, well kind of. Currently back in Afghanistan again enjoying their hospitality....:rolleyes:

    I still have the Cobra minus a few parts, Still have all the expensive goodies and it wouldn't really take much to put it back together again buuuuuut........ I think I want to get a different project. Been looking at a 98 BAB Cobra, or a 03 SB Cobra, not looking for anything new and expensive as I learned my lesson on modding cars, buy cheap then build fast.

    Before I started to tear the car down it was at this point in it's life:


    Good to see a lot of old timers still floating around, I should be back come mid June and hope to see a few of you.

  3. Good to see ya Will. Stay safe over there. You literally have two of my favorite colors/cars picked out.

    Miss my 98 BAB a ton....
  4. He lives!!! Ha ha been a long min since I've seen ya. Last time was when you were down at PIR. Good to know still have the cobra been wondering if you sold it but haven't seen it pop any where. Stay safe over there!!!

    1993 Mustang 5.? SSP
  5. Dude, go '03 for sure. Those cars are simple beasts! Hope you're back soon and got all your parts and :poo:. We def need to catch up, it's been waaaaaaaaay to long.
  6. As a second random post....I totally miss those flames....they are officially BAMF level. Double BAMF even.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome back!

    Looking forward to getting back home and figure out what I really want to do with the car. The wife wouldn't mind keeping it and putting it back together with a couple of minor direction changes. If I was to do that I would want to repaint the whole car to include the engine bay, not sure of any reasonably priced painters though. would also need a little bit of minor body work in the engine bay and underneath the car. Still contemplating the idea.


  8. Hmmmm. Solid color or.....?
  9. Just back to stock Ford color code UA (Black). Nothing extravagant or expensive.
  10. Well I guess I should check in here to say hello, after all we had loads of fun with our weekly meets and all the instigating, trash talking and the racing. Some faces are still the same, some are missing but not forgotten. Cant believe its been 10 years since we've started doing the "bucks" meets.

    Now lets get back to smack talkin... where's the Razor at? And Delux247? :D
  11. ^^^ BWAHAHAHAHA RAZOR! Man, it has indeed been awhile. Glad you are still around.
  12. Ok, you know it's sad when you decide to only check this post for a week, and then decide to look around to find 111 replies.

    Hey guys! Again.....

    SO I decided to give up on the mustangs and get a Bentley. Although this Bentley is about 9 days old, poops, peas and cries when he is unhappy. I still have my GT (I have some interesting plans for it when the time/money allows it), which will remain in the family. I would like to pick up another mustang, but my family comes first right now.
  13. let's all just bro out.
  14. I haven't checked the forums in years but am still around. Can't say I don't still hold a place in my heart for the good ol' Burgermaster days. Hopefully I can catch up with some of the old crew this summer.

    Curt, congrats on the family - times have changed!
  15. Thanks Scott!

    Still have the 65 I would imagine? Still have the foxbody GT as well? I'm looking to buy a pretty nice sized house here soon, I think I know what I will have to do to break the house in. Mustang Gathering!
  16. Well, shyt seems like most of the old players are back or at least in touch with someone on here. Willy when are you back? Lets plan something for June and get together.
  17. I will be back home in the middle of June sometime.

    Soon as I get back I will be parting out the 95 Cobra of all its goodies, everything must go to include the shell. Wife gave me the go ahead to trade our 2003 4Runner and whatever cash I make off of the 95 to put towards a 2013 GT500. Can we say fire sell when I get back Hahaha!
  18. ok great, i need the hood, and the front seats if you still have them. But a gathering mid June sounds good to me, anyone else?
  19. I'm in, sign me up! What color 2013 are you gonna try to find Will? Scott, good to see you are still around!