West Coast Members of the Old School, check in!

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  1. Not sure on the color atm, but have been looking at three, Deep Impact Blue, Black, and possibly one of the Reds.

    First thing first is to part out he Cobra which will take a few weeks if not a month or so.

    Don't have the front seats, just the rear seat.

  2. Is there any car salesman within the group? Specifically Ford? If not, I'm trying to decide which dealer I will be calling soon, leaning towards the Puyallup dealer as it is close.

  3. Late to the party but checking in.
  4. You should change your screen name to MyFordsFlySlowly since it took you so long to check in lol.
  5. Sure are an awful lot of noobs in here. :D
  6. Hey look everybody, its Al Gore!!

    Yea maybe myfordssitonjackstands.
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  7. Because turbo :poke:
  8. been a long time but still here :)
  9. Because slow.
  10. ha! We know that's not true.... At least when you're off the stands :D

    Hey Phil!
  11. It is true. Only reason I pulled a perfectly good car apart and made it mechanically levitate.
  12. Funny this thread should pop up, I just decided to come back. Sadly, I forgot my password and it's being sent to an old email that I can't even remember. I was so proud when my posts got to 1337