SOLD Merced, Ca: 2001 Mustang V6 Auto W/mods: Intake, Exhaust, Tuner, Stereo (w/sub)

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  1. Link to Craigslist ad with pics here:

    Selling my silver 2001 Mustang v6 automatic w/126K miles. Enjoyed driving it for over six years, but it is currently a second vehicle (my weekend fun & car trip vehicle) and I can no longer afford to have it in addition to my truck.

    Asking $4200. It's smogged and ready to sell.

    It's in good shape, interior is quite clean with no more then expected level of wear. Never smoked in. It's a fantastic highway/freeway and road tripping car, with an eight-way power adjustable drivers seat, up-to-date nice after-market stereo with USB and Aux ports, and with an amp and subwoofer in the trunk. More important, it has a K&N cold-air intake, modified take-off exhaust from a GT (so a true dual exhaust, from the engine all the way back), and I'm including a DiabloSport Predator tuner ($400 MSRP!) with the tune already loaded in to the vehicle and adjusted carefully by me over the years for maximum driving pleasure. The transmission was recently completely rebuilt by a local transmission shop and in fantastic shape, should last for many, many years to come. Best of all: brand new tires! Good ones too, ZR rated for up to 140MPH and yet also mud & snow rated. Purchased when I was still planning to keep the vehicle, spent over $600 on them.

    Note that it still has the stock suspension and gear ratio. This was used and was intended for long, fast highway and freeway drives (it'll hit 120+ mph without difficulty), not for zipping around town, but if you put in a bit more money to up the gear ratio and get a tighter suspension on it you would have a great vehicle for that purpose as well. As is, though, you do get the benefit of impressive gas mileage. With careful hyper-miling, thanks to the mods improving efficiency/performance, I've found I can 28+ mpg!

    There are a few caveats:
    • It's got some minor scratches and dings, in particular a small dent in the driver-side corner of the front bumper. Still looks great though!
    • It was broken in to once (lock forced, stereo stolen), and as a result the drivers side door lock was damaged. It still locks and unlocks perfectly with the keyless remote, but if one day you should have to use the key for some reason, it'll be a bit tricky and might take a little fiddling to get it to turn.
    • The tuner is very aggressive and gives both improved mileage and performance, but it also modifies the fuel table aggressively to do so. With the tune in, you must use minimum 91 octane fuel (premium). I've found that the trade off between extra cost and improved mileage is worth it though.
    • The bracket that holds the cold air intake on is broken. I had a mechanic weld it back together once, but it just broke again. Instead, I secured it with a length of very strong parachute cord, and it's held perfectly for the last five years, trouble free.
    • It has a small exhaust leak. I've been told by a mechanic that there is a bad weld somewhere in the exhaust pipe. I never got around to having it fixed since it doesn't affect the operation of the vehicle at all, but it is audible when the engine is in certain RPM ranges.
    Please feel free to contact me here or reply to the ad linked above for any questions or to arrange to come see it.
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