Merkur 2.3T shop manual.

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  1. I just wanted to share one of my findings with yall.
    I have a copy, and it is pretty usefull. lots of good info. I think it might be the FORD books stuck onto a disk. I dont own a Merk, but it has things that apply to me in two ways. Reference for the motor to my mustang, and reference some parts of the merk to my Sierra.
    Check it out.
    I just started looking thru it, but so far I havnt found any bugs.

  2. I passed up the original print of the shop manual at an all ford show we went too. I still wish I would have gotten it. It looked like 1000+ pages and even though I can't read I'm sure there are good pictures in there somewhere.
  3. I've got it on CD...along with 3 or 4 other ford EFI books...
  4. All I can say is CD burner and I'll resend you my address.

  5. Whom is this towards?:rolleyes:

    you dont want to pay for it?

    I will admit I got mine at a discount price. but still, burners are so evil.
  6. its ok you didn't realize who you were talking to. I'm sitting here with holes in my shoes because the souls still have a little left on them. :p
    Buying the Cd's would probably double the investment of my turbo car.

    and anyway...
    I was just kidding I have access to the ford dealer tech site through some buddies of mine. :D
  7. I am waiting for my FORD TIS CD to get here. should be close to what FORD uses.
    But it's for the sierrra not the merkur.
    should be interesting.