Merkur For Sale

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  1. There is a Merkur for sale not too far from me. I cant remember what year but its going for 1500. Body is in great shape and the owner has done a few mods to it. Im thinkin about maybe selling the Mustang and buying it. What are your guys opinions on the Merkur? Like reliablity, parts costs, and ease to work on?
  2. hey yeah my dad owns a merkur and i think its an awesome car great handling and acceleration nice car they are only imported 4 years for the XR4Ti so they are uncommon. id say pick it up :) its basically a german ford escort. it was built to race against BMW. great car for road races and autocross. fully independant rear suspension.
  3. I sold my first one for $1200 was asking $1500. Blue book is way less than that but thats about what it was worth to me.
    I'd say try to talk him down a bit and decide if its what you really want.
  4. YEa, theres one at the Salvage storage yard at my work, been sittin there for 2 years that i know of, looks to be in decent shape, dont know if it runs or not, I may try and fire it up when I have nothing to do. I've been thinking about seeing if I can pick it up. I like the way that the look, like an Escort on sterorids..