Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. I was walking into my apartment complex the other day, and saw something that caught my eye, 05 mustang gt, bright red just like my 67 vert, like any mustang fan i began to think about what i would do to that car if i owned it. Walked in and went up to my apartment in a daze, yesterday morning i saw the car again and to my surprise a beautifull girl was driving it. :eek: At this point i knew i would have to talk to her some time. :rolleyes: I went to class just like any other day but today i decided to walk from my apartment, went to my calc class, then to database i walked in and saw the most beautifull thing i had ever seen in my entire life, the mistery mustang girl :jaw: I knew right away what i had to do, I sat down right beside her, mmmmmmm the entire class i did what i normaly do surfed around on stangnet of course. But my mind was elsewhere, I didnt know for sure that this was the girl, but i had a real good idea. At one point during the class i looked over to see a 05 mustang gt picture on her computer, :drool: this sold it for me, as soon as class got out i walked with her all the way back to the apartments that we live in talking about mustangs, come to find out she lives just down the hall i live in 209 and she lives in 215, is this fate, i dont know but i know one thing, there is nothing more sexy than a hot girl in a hot mustang.
  2. Sweet dude....invite her up to your place for a, become friends

    Then hit it, get married, have lots of mustangs....WOOT
  3. Hit it first. Become friends later. :D
  4. Take her out for coffee in your 'vert.
  5. +1
  6. +3

    and let her drive.
  7. Pics man... We need pics....

    Of both the car & the girl...:) Congrats man!
  8. Too bad your car is an automatic......

  9. yes tell her you need her for some bikin photos for stangnet:hail2:
  10. No autos here, I have a manual, as for letting her drive....... :nono: Now the pictures are a possibility, i will work on that. Today i walked out of my apartment and she saw me, gave me a nice little smile and then a little rev of her 4.6, Made my day.
  11. ahhhh.... love at first rev :lol: Dude there is not much hotter than hot chick in a hot car :D
  12. Try some Axe Body Spray.
  13. If that doesn't work try some DOT5!:D

    Good Luck!:nice:
  14. How's that working out for you BBFCM?
  15. :(
  16. It's not the DOT5; it's all the sand and bits of undercoating in his fuzz :rlaugh:
  17. I think using DOT5 would "put the brakes" on any attempt at romance....

    .....cymbal crash!