Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. My banana is VERY happy!!! :banana::spot::rlaugh:
  2. Been dating for 3 months, and she's pushing you to get Sally finished so you two can go cruisin'.....

    There's only one thing left to say, and after 3 months I'd guess it's safe to say it 3-4-maybe 5 times:


    -and maybe-


    EDIT: Ok, so I just went and did some snooping on your FB page; and there's one other thing to say....

    Duuu-uu-ude! :hail2: :nice: :nice: :banana: :banana: :banana: :nice: :nice: :hail2:
  3. Well.....for those who aren't snooping on my FB page here ya go.....

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  4. So when is the BIG DAY?
  5. And that isn't the best picture!
    LEG-HUMPERS STAND DOWN! All her FB pics are quite "G-Rated" - it's just that some of her other pics are Doggone CUTE!

    Ahhhh, Fritz..... you might wanna 'splain to the girl that "open" FB pages aren't necessarily a good thing. Ugly old guys like you and me (check out my middle kid's wedding pics on my page) can get away with that; but for the young ladies, it's not such a good idea.
    Oh, and if Andy happens to see this; he kinda needs to have that talk at home, too!
  6. i can't believe this thread is still going.

  7. Some threads are just TOO GOOD to let fade away!:D

    Hey Andy - See what you started!!!:rlaugh:
  8. OMG!!! It's happened!!!

    StDr just opened the Closet door and the Gutter has overflowed into Facebook!:jaw:

    Somebody get the bucket and the mop!!!:nonono:
  9. I told you once and I'm agonna tell you again; next time you're "entertaining", PLEASE REMEMBER TO HANG A CLOTHESHANGER ON THE CLOSET DOORKNOB! :rolleyes:

    That way I'll just go hang out and snooze under an umbrella down along the western edge of the The Gutter!

    So, that was Miss ***** that came out screaming when I unlocked The Closet Door??? Hey, she's even more cute than her pictures!
  10. Since WHEN do a GREEN walking, talking One-eyed slime ball and a BIGBLUE (fuzzy) Closet Monster have CLOTHESHANGERS in their Closet???:nonono:

    Besides.....I tried tying your necktie around the doorknob, but you started choking......or don't you remember???:shrug:
  11. That was a clotheshanger? I thought it was a welding rod, sorry!
  12. So now Fritz has a woman, and I'm still looking for my dream girl.

    I'm still waiting for Mr & Mrs Andy to announce she's pregnant......
  13. I don't know if Fritz was actually looking for a woman when this one slipped the ring in his nose.....
  14. I've had worse things in my nose......just sayin'!:D
  15. The more things change-

    The more they stay the same....

    When I first found this thread it was April of 07 and we had just purchased for my then 13 yr old son a 66 coupe. Andy was well on his way to knowing that he had met his true love, I was introduced to several of the "grizzled board vetrans" and my son and I had a lot of work to do on "Rusty" before he turned 16 and could drive her.

    Well since then - Andy has married, moved, lived, loved and is still madly in love - though he still has not announced the pending birth of his first little Andy jr.

    Dan (my son, hence the name "Dansdad"... tricky eh) and I have crawled around, under, and over Rusty, cutting, welding, grinding until the name no longer applies, lowered seat pans, installed bucket seats from a fox body, 3 point seat belts, sanded, primmered, sanded, turned wrenches until we now have the apointment with the painter in 2 weeks, and yes - Dan is now 16 and driving....

    Yes, you folks, and many more over at the tech forum have been a terrific help. I check in here from time to time, read the latest news - congrats to all for the wonderful updates and good news.... and to those who have not yet found the right one or ones..... not to worry, there is someone for everyone. My lovely bride and I have been together for nearly 24 years aznd while in terms of time on this planet - I am in the middle of this group - at 43 I have been here long enough to know that I am not the easiest person to get along with - yes this is a testomonial to her tolerance of me and all my hobbies that take far to much time and money.... Some of us just get lucky and find her earlier in life than others.

    So soon I will be starting in on #2 sons (who is now 14) project, he wants a jeep CJ7 or 66-77 bronco....

    Thanks for keeping this thread going so long.
  16. :worthlesb

    I'm hoping to have sally ready for paint by THIS summer's the subframe connectors welded in today, finished welding the underside of the rocker, just need to do the top side before I move onto the pass. rear qtr.


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  17. I see Santa..I mean the UPS guy made it to your house with another goody!
  18. And I'm thinking he may have paid a visit to my g/fs house too....she keeps hinting that she got me some stuff for my b-day that I and "someone very dear [not her] to me" will love!:shrug:
  19. Could it be a set of pink seatcovers with little poodles on them?
  20. That would be...................