Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Having done a little research over on Facebook; I'm pretty sure that any seatcovers will have pics of "Sully" from 'Monsters, Inc.' on them.

    That is, if Fritz has finally conceded to admit to his "activities" here on StangNet :p
  2. As long as they don't have "Mikey"..... :rlaugh:
  3. I'm with you on that thought, pal! :eek:
  4. Unless maybe it was on the seat portion.....:shrug:
  5. Mike?
    You mean the little green guy with the big eyeball?
  6. It made StDr blow beer outta his nose!:D
  7. Sad, but true. However it served as a clue that I should not kill myself in attempting to get Kathryn completed and on-the-road before Fritz comes through on his thinly veiled threat to invade Arizona this winter! Can you imagine the havoc we could raise with a snarly old Cleveland under the hood of a 15-1/2 foot-long copper projectile of death? :eek:

    Besides which, if I manage to drag him down to my little corner of the desert; he and his little sweetie might fall in love with the place, find jobs and move here permanently. Then I'd have an interested and experienced (on the "de-rusting") helper! :D :D :D
  8. You're going to get the Fuzzy One to travel all the way out to the SW? The farthest I have ever been able to get him to go is the Ferry Dock in New London! I do keep hoping I can coax him into a trip to Mustangs Unlimited for the day though. Maybe for the July 18th BBQ for the pre-1979 FoMoCo iron?
  9. Damn mongo, that sounds tempting, but all my sibs are gonna be at my house for a seafood feast!:doh:
  10. Did you say you were putting on a Seafood Fest for all your StangNet siblings?
    Hey all, party at Big-Blues!!!
  11. RM you have been smoking too many banana peels again!!!:nonono:
  12. That and raising the glass of DOT 3 with the Hungry Monkey!
  13. Thats coincidental, I met mine as well.
  14. :D

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  15. So when are you sending out the invites?
  16. AFTER sally is finished and back on the road, or when hell freezes over...whichever comes first.........:shrug:
  17. Hang on, I'll get my coat...
  18. Besides, Robin is still trying to finalize her divorce from the shiite-head a-hole she is married to, and has said she's not sure if she would ever get married again.
    As things are now, we are happy with the way things are now except for the lack of adult "slumber parties".....she won't do that w/ her 14 y/o and 5 y/o around.......and the s-h a-hole isn't much of a parental type.....:shrug:

    She has also been pushing me and motivaing me to get sally completed. Gave me a Mustangs Unlimited Gift certificate for my b-day and has been talking w/ an old HS friend who owns a body shop about getting the finish work and paint done!!!:nice: