Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. I have been gone from this site for almost 2 years and this thread is still going. DANG!!!!!
  2. Hmmm. You might have a keeper there!

    Maybe you could use that gift certificate at the Mustangs Unlimited BBQ this month?
  3. 1) - Have family coming to my house on the date of the BBQ.
    2) - Already redeemed the GC on some bling for sally's B-day (It was June 3rd).
  4. Ummmm...... buy her a pot-belly pig? Hold a luau? Cook up about 5 lbs of bacon (with all the windows closed) just before the turd shows up at the house? Maybe just slap him upside the head with a big fatty chunk of pork belly???
    Then tell him it's gonna happen again and again until he signs the divorce papers giving her tons of child support on the youngest ones and learns it's best to generally GTFO of her life!

    In essence play the "ugly American" card to your advantage!

    I got these ideas from my friend Abdollah who was born where they have names like "Abdollah". Unfortunately, he's "not of the faith" (actually he's a Lutheran) and was in college -in Montana- when his home country's ruler was disposed. He didn't go back when ordered; now there's a price on his head over there.

    (Yeah, he's gotten a little 'hard-core' since 9/11. A civilian employee of the U.S. Army; he threw out these "respect their beliefs" ideas once when asked about Gitmo by some left-leaning idiot who obviously didn't know him.. His responses surprised me; scared the H*** out of the nimrod that was fishing for reinforcement of his own political beliefs over my own ideals.)
  5. I've been wanting to, but she won't let me.....good Catholic girl and she doesn't even eat pork herself.....:shrug:

    Also been trying to get his a$$ hauled off to Gitmo......

    BTW....You forgot "REDNECK!!!":nice:
  6. Well I will do my very best - there is a reason why I work on old cars.

    Ok, spent the last 30 minutes trying to upload pic's. The system will let me upload pics from the "my pictures" file in "my documents".... but all the recent photos are in the "Olympus Master" and I cant seem to find it to upload out of, nor can i figure out how to transfer images from one place to the other....

    Going to have to let the kids giver a shot later....
  7. [k,

    I think I did it.

    I will try to take some better ones later today.

  8. What's under the cover???:scratch:
  9. You guys are some funny dudes. I read the first few pages of the thread and then skipped around. Very entertaining. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who met a Hot woman who likes cars. My wife and I met through mutual friends. The guy who used to dispatch at the Dealership I worked at kept telling me he had a friend I needed to meet. I was recently divorced and was enjoying sewing the oats I missed out on during my first marriage. So I wasn't real interested. And if you knew my friend you could imagine the "nice personality" he had to set me up with. Well after continuous prodding by him and his wife I agreed and we met at their house. I showed up fashionably late and after introductions (I was impressed) we piled into our mutual friends car to leave for dinner, men in front, women in back. When we backed out of the driveway she noticed my 70 MACH1 and said "OOOOO it's got a Shaker". My heart skipped a beat. That was eleven years ago. Been married for ten of them. :nice:
  10. :nono:

    them words is offensive to some fok!
  11. Screw the PC BS!!!:flag::flag::flag:
  12. ...and what kind of a carb is that on the I6?
  13. Yup, but it’s not always obvious. I’d known my wife since she was three or four (small town), but had never really considered her a “car” person . . . until after we were already married. With our first new car, she was good with getting a manual, though she’d never owned one. Took her about two shifts to get it down. Our next new car (this time one to be just hers) came in the late 70’s when the auto industry was suffering a real identity crisis. Her car was a new model year special order, and when it came in from the factory the dealer put it on the showroom floor since it was the first loaded up unit for the new model year they had received. When we went to pick it up, the sales manager was grinning ear to ear as he was showing her all the bells & whistles. So she gets in the car, looks around, checks out the interior, then turns to the salesman and ask “The speedometer only goes to 80, so how am I supposed to know how fast I’m going?” Oh, to have had a camera to capture his reaction. His ear to ear smile turned into a ‘you just shot my dog’ expression. Hence the saga continued. For her 50th birthday, I gave her the one-day NASCAR driving course at Texas Motor Speedway. After her allotted number of laps, she pulls back into the pit with that long-ago salesman’s ear to ear grin. She walks over to the desk, pulls her credit card out of her pocket from under the nomex driving suit and buys more laps . . . then she’s off again. Maybe being a gearhead is an acquired talent . . .

    P.S. Come this Thursday, I will have been married to the girl of my dreams for 38 years.
  14. Congratulations Sam!!
  15. That one is mine - 51 ford F-1 frame off resto.

    Real pretty too. Suppose you want pictures of it too... All stock except the paint, tinted glass, seat belts and 12 volt.
  16. nice truck..........i always loved the sound of those flatheads..........6 or V8 ????
  17. Thanks, V-8

    pretty much stock other than paint, tinted glass, seat belts and 12 volt system... yes I still have to original am radio in it.

    I get lots of loos, thumbs up and folks wanting to talk about it. Last week I had two cops in a tahoe "offer" to trade me straight up. I told them they would have to take the lights off first.

    I found it in a field in new mexico, bought it for $500 and towed it back to Denver. Did it all on a whim. My wife was seriously pissed off. But 9 years and many, many dollars later I get old guys who still have flat tops telling me what I did wrong when I put the tail lights at the top of the tail gate not at the hinges like the factory did. Lots of fun.
  18. My friend Dave has a 1950 F1 that he has been working on since he retired. It's coming along really nice. It has a built up 350 Chevy engine, TH transmission and a 9" Ford rear. He just added Porsche seats to it.
  19. So I'm trying to get back on track with Andy's life only to find out he hasn't posted since 2-11-10!!! Ahhh, the runaway thread!!!
  20. Yeah, Andy has been not-so-good about maintaining this thread recently; we've had to keep up with him via Facebook, which has proved to be 'exciting' at times.
    I think when he posted a picture of himself and Heather holding an infant; Dan (Or was it Fritz? I forget :shrug: ) almost went apopleptic!

    Turns out the baby actually belonged to a friend or relative.....