Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Rumor has it, little poop-machines are let your woman hold someone else's, next thing you know they want their own.....:shrug:

    Soooooo.........Perhaps Andy has been to busy trying to satisfy Heather's cravings???:shrug:
  2. You know I only come around these parts once a year now and this thread is still at the top??? At least some things never change. See you next year
  3. I knew I'd find atleast o few of you guys in here, what happened to the gang? Did everyone hit turn 7 at the same time?
  4. We're still lurking......Chepsk8 and his daughter, StangDreamin', Andy, Chelle (married and pregnant!) and myself are spending alot of time on Facebook.....
  5. Wow Fritz; I wasn't expecting you to show up here!

    WORTH, you don't have to mention anything I said in reply to your post on the other thread) :rolleyes:
  6. Just goes to show you don't ever know WHICH closet door I'll pop outta!:rlaugh:
  7. Turn 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jaw:

    Hey everyone~!

    yeah, been a bit for me too. Life has been quiet with Deanna away at college (Penn State). I do go on Facebook, but no a heavey hitter there, and I don't do Farmville!

    the cobra is doing great, done for the year, really frickin' fast. Got it up to 150 down the front stretch of NJMP this Fall! Doing some mods to the body, otherwise, still the same nutty machine...


    Life wise, no girlfriend, been quiet on that front. Fritz, still hooked up with your lady?

    How is everyone's Mustangs doing?

    And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!

  8. Yup, Robin and I are still cookin' after 9 months. Very much looking forward to Christmas with her and the boys.
    Sally is wrapped for winter and work is going well!
  9. Your wedding will be a little bit closer than andy's, I can make this one!

    (Ring for Xmas?) :eek:
  10. Not this Christmas. She still has to cut the shackles to the a-hole, she won't let me use my power tools, nor will she let me take him shark fishing.:mad:
  11. Just keep calling him CHUM!
  12. Hey guys and gals! Yeah, after I left Friends University time online has been minimal at best. ( My apologies to those who live vicariously through me! LoL ) The job keeps me on the road, and busy just about every day. In my off time I have been helping my grandpa restore his 30 Model A, maintain my fleet of cars/boat, and worst of all trying to keep the house from falling apart. No kids on the horizon, (I hope) but I guess surprises happen. I hope all yall have been doing good, I cant even imagine how much I have missed on the site, I think after 8 years of Mustang insanity I just got kinda burnt out, now that I don’t have my old man around to work on the car with me it just doesn’t seem to be as much fun as it once was. Don’t get me wrong I love working on cars, especially my mustang, but when you’re in the garage by yourself, its just kinda quiet. Anyway, I was working in the garage this weekend getting the old stang ready for winter when it hit me, I only remember driving the old girl 1 time last summer, unfortunately it was the instance where the master cylinder failed and I lost my brakes. After putting a new master cylinder in the car, I never drove it again. I started it up every once in a while but never really enjoyed it. I used to curse the guys that had these types of cars and just left them sitting in their garages, low and behold I am now one of them. It makes me sick! SO instead of putting the car on jacks, I left it on the ground, I am going to put the top up, and I am going to drive it before it gets too cold, its got a heater! Hopefully my Mustang funk is over and I get back to the way things used to be, hopefully the stang forgives me LoL.

    So on another note, Heather and I have been doing great, we got a dog last year, so that has been our practice baby, I don’t think we did very well, because the dog runs the house. He sleeps in our bed under the covers with us, he tells us when he wants to go outside, demands attention at all hours, basically rules the roost. Oh well I guess now we know we are push over’s. So StangDreamin I was down in your part of the country about 2 months ago, I fell in love with that area, I wouldn’t mind living down there, thought about hitting you up but they kept me busy every day I was there. I might toss some resume’s out down there, I guess you never know what might happen.

    So what have I missed???????

    These are the pictures of the A. The truck is still at the painters in the pictures, he did a stand up job on the paint.

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  13. Uhhhh hello? Do you remember talking to some old Dude about your trip to Phoenix on FB? The discussion about how you were hoping to get in and out of Phoenix and back home to Miss Heather; and the old dude was supposed to be going up to Phoenix on a day-trip for work? But then the old dude's employers heard a rumor that he might get to meet a friend from the corn belt (and go to Cabelas to pick up some Hodgdon 777 and caps), and that the employers were mortified at the thought of old dude actually enjoying himself on a business trip so they canceled it?
    Remember any of that?
    HINT,HINT: Old Dude recently changed his profile pic from one of himself with a twig from a sugar pine stuffed in his left nostril to one of his grandson sitting on the intake of his daughter's '97 Cobra.

    Oh, yeah, THAT GUY! The one that Miss Heather still won't respond to when he leaves complimentary comments about her in your pictures!
    (Waitaminute, that could describe Fritz or Dan, as well. Oops :rolleyes: )


    EDIT: As far as moving to the Wild, Wild West; it's a pretty good place to park your family! You can go dunin' just west of Yuma on I-8; in the same area that Luke Skywalker escaped from Jabba the Hut, and rescued Leia, Han Solo, Chewy, and the tin-plated kids at the same time. A lot of the "North African" scenes from the old 1960's "Rat Patrol" TV shows (TV-land) were sho tin that same area; as well as any movie/TV show that wanted to show "the Arabian Desert" but didn't have enough budget to leave California for filming.
    Phoenix area - Lake Roosevelt, Lake Pleasant, portions of the Salt River, White Mountain 'Rim Lakes'. Lake Havasu to the west, Powell and Mead to the north. Skiing at both Snow Bowl and Sunrise. No salting of roads anywhere in the state; (nice to the '67s sheetmetal). :nice:
    Intel, Insight, about 8,000 other computer/networking companies in Maricopa County as well.

    Nope, not a bad place to grow your own liveware.....
  14. Well, I do remember getting a facebook post now. BTW searching high and low couldn’t find a decent BBQ restaurant around the airport, but then again what kind of self respecting BBQ restaurant is listed on a GPS points of interest? The closest thing I could find was a pork sandwich at the Airport Hilton restaurant, not only was that a pitiful excuse for a BBQ sandwich but it was a poor representation of the caliber BBQ one of America’s last frontiers could produce. Anyway, yeah looks like a nice area, I love the heat, people seem nice around that area as well. I make trips down there for work about 2 times a year, usually the trips last an entire week, so next time I will give you some more heads up. The boards seem kind of quite for winter, I remember when this thread started, I would have to post 3 or 4 times a day to keep up with all the chatter on the boards, now it seems as tho things have slowed a bit. I was beginning to think most of yall had headed for the retirement home. (J/K)
  15. Wow,
    this thread is still up and going...i've been gone for awhile. I do finally however have my 66 inside my garage all tore down and going back together. I almost sold the pony but my wife divorced me when i found out about her affair and i've started rebuilding the stang just to spite her. LOL Later next year it will have a fuel injected blown fuelie with a t5 in it though.
    I didn't know any of you guys were on FB, You can find me on there as well.


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  17. :stirpot:
  18. Yup...the BBFCM will be brewing his own beer soon....:cheers:
  19. Very cool, I had a buddy do this last winter, it turned out great! He mentioned that it cost him more in the long run than buying it from a store, either way, I think it would be fun to try.
  20. Initial equipment costs, maybe, but the ingredients per batch (~5 gals) is cheaper.