Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Yeah, and I think that was his problem, he made 1 batch, and wrote the idea off. You will have to fedex me some! :nice:
  2. I'll leave you a bottle in The Closet! :nice:
  3. You don't make deliveries to the gutter? :nonono:
  4. What's the lazy to climb out of The Gutter walk across the patio, open The Closet door and pick it up for yourself?:nonono:
    Guess married life is making you soft!:scratch:
  5. You and I both know I am far too deep in the gutter to climb out.
  6. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  7. That's ok, Andy... just means you're "one of us" now. "One of us" is almost always an "old guy"; but being married -especially "Just Married" (and believe me 2 years is "Just Married") - can toss you into the "deep end" of The Gutter!

    It just happens naturally. Can't wait to hear the news when Fritz finally becomes "an Old Married Guy" - he gonna be even worse than me! :rlaugh:
  8. I guess there are worse folks to be like! :nice:
  9. Close enough Bubba......just gotta get rid of the shiite she's married to......:nice:
  10. Happy Easter!
  11. Fritz you're out of hibernation! Time to get started on Sally again?
  12. I haven't been hibernating, I've been, FD, brewing beer.....and yes, it is almost time to start working on sally again, I moved her from her winter position up next to the house back about 15' to the middle of the driveway......
  13. Can I come over? I'll even help you with Sally for some good homebrew!
  14. Sure! I'm enjoying a nice homebrewed red ale (my g/f likes it better than Killian's) right now, next week I'll be bottling my latest batch of lager (very much like Sam Adam's Boston Lager) and today I started a batch of Oktoberfest!
  15. Got anything with a little heat to it for May 5th Fritz?
  16. Nope. Robin said she's gonna pick up a 6pack of Corona and a lime...our "heat" will come later! :lol:
  17. Ah right, I got ya, read ya loud and clear, the taco and burrito's.
  18. holy burritos.. its been almost 2 years since i've been here. i forgot about this thread lol
    im going back to the states for a visit again in august ..i may try to take the heads off the 65 coupe 289 and get hardened valve seats in it..and of course new valve seallllllllllllssss
  19. and another few months!

    andy, update!!!!

    (Keeping clear of the Tornadoes?)
  20. May 18th, 2013