Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Sweeeeeeet!
    I've got the paint on order to do a "sally", just gotta figure out how/what to make the side/hood scoops from.........
  2. Sounds like it time to do some "Kit Bashing"!
  3. Except these aren't kits, they're die-cast toys.
  4. DSCN1879.JPG Even more ponies......
  5. Now all you need is Chelle to Photoshop you into one of them!
  6. To HELL with one of them! I wanna drive 'em ALL!!!
  7. So you can race yourself or have a parade???
  8. DSCN1890.JPG Got this at CVS! DSCN1891.JPG
  9. I see a can of green paint in your future...
  10. Green paint and gold paint are here, bought the car to restomod and started disassembly....
  11. Looking forward to the results!
  12. ME TOO!!!
  13. Going to use an airbrush?
  14. If I can find mine..... working on the scoop templates at the moment.
  15. If you get good, you might have a new side-line.
    Custom Painted Classics!
  16. Wait until Dan sees you running a tunnel-ram!
  17. Hey guys I'm new to the site and have a 67 fastback project going and I want to know if anyone has seen or installed a 96 dash in a 67 I have seen a pick of a convertible but no close ups can someone help me with my project
  18. I wanna see BBFCM with dual quads.........

    then again, I just want to see it run.........................

    (damn, this thread is STILL around)